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T.F.G. Clan-Based Parliament & War-Lord President Would Never Resolve The Anarchy In Southern Somalia

TO: Chairman, African Unity, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Secretary General of the Arab League; Cairo, Egypt; President, International Crisis Group, Helsinki, Finland; Executive Secretary, Inter-governmental Administration & Development (IGAD), Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti; Minister of Foreign Affairs, F.D.R of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Djibouti; Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kenya, D.Republic of Kenya;CC: President, Republic of Somaliland, Somaliland, Hargeisa; Chairman, Justice and Welfare Party ( UCID ), Somaliland, Hargeisa; Chairman, Kulmiye Party, Somaliland, Hargeisa. From: Mr. Ahmed Muse Gedi ( Sanjab ), Secretary General, Justice and Welfare Party,
In pursuance to my numerous articles about the political situation in Somaliland, ( i.e. Former British Somaliland), Republic Of Djibouti (i.e. Former French Somaliland) Southern Somalia ( i.e. Former Italian Somaliland) and the lofty dream of Greater Somalia, I would like to remind the World Community and in particular the authorities wielding the mandate of the above Institutions that their efforts in resolving the protracted anarchy of Southern Somalia is doomed to achieve positive results, owing to the following grounds and should therefore support other mechanisms that can HEAL the MISERY of the on-going dirty-clan-wars:-·

The Clans Charter ( CAHDI_QARAMEED OR CAHDI-BEELEED) adopted in the conference held in foreign soil 1.6 months ago failed to identify ways and means of dismantling territorial fiefdoms carved by 51 war-lords including MAJERTANIA, which was renamed as PUNTLAND from 1998 and headed by the war-lord elected as the President for the so called Transitional Federal Government for Southern Somalia;·

The Charter did not address how the newly elected Transitional Federal Government will reclaim DEFUNCT SOMALI STATE PROPERTIES confiscated by THE 51 WAR-LORDS such as Sea-Ports, Air-Ports, Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Houses and other important properties ;· The Charter did not address how to bring JUSTICE to those who committed war-crimes against humanity and their brethren Somalis during the civil-war period 1981-2004 including some members who are in TFGSS parliament WAR-LORD President, Col.Abdillahi Yusuf;·

It did not explain how individual properties confiscated by war-lords will be returned to the right owners; · The CHARTER failed to discriminate individuals that committed serious crimes against humanity during the period dirty- clan-wars which are still being waged d in Southern Somalia ( i.e. 1981-2006 };·

The peace making Organs like IGAD, E.E.C and Arab League should not have approved the election of the most hated war-lords among Southern Somalis as President, cabinet members and selected MPS, since those characters committed many crimes against humanity. Qabqable Abdullahi is known as a ruthless psychopath obsessed for power for a period of 40 years and whose main objective was andwill be based on the formula of FACISM ( i.e. divide an rule) inherited from Italian Colonial Administrations that engineered the CRUMBLE OF SOMALI REPUBLIC;·

If the objectives of IGAD mission was to resolve the ANARCHY in Southern Somalia was realistic, it could have organized a peace building mechanism based on the formula used by Somaliland clans inside Somali soil , instead of convening that conference in a foreign soil which made the peace the peace process complicated, un-realistic to the prevailing political crisis inside the country and much likely will make future peace reconciliation efforts more difficult than what it is today, if not futile;.

It is sad and annoying to report that the representatives of certain countries of IGAD are well conversant that some war-lords who are known as the BUTCHERS of HARGEISA, MOGADISHU, BAIDOA, GABILE, BERBERA, BURCO, ERIGAVO, KISMAYO, BOSSASSO, JOWHAR AND MANY URBAN CENTRES have been selected as members of Parliament in the so called Transitional Federal Government For Southern Somalia. As a matter of fact most of the common people in Somalia were awaiting Human Rights Activists to hunt for them and bring them to the International Criminal Court in The Hague for the crimes they committed against humanity. A good example of these characters are GENERAL MORGAN, GENERAL GANI, GENERAL CALI SAMATER, COL TUKE AND COL ABDILLAHI Yusuf Ahmed, C etc…..etc. !93 of the 275 of the clan-based Parliamentarians elected (i.e. 70%) are either known war-lords or their closest CRONIES, who will never promote or support development programs or projects, intended to improve the well being of the general public. Most of them are from the ruling elite of the defunct Siad Barre’s Regime or newly promoted thugs by the war-lords. 25 % of the clan-based parliamentarians are Somali from Kenyan, Djibouti and Ethiopians, who have never resided in former Somali Republic Territory nor have shown any interest to live there. They were just bunch of fraudsters merely entrusted to make political business income from selling their respective voting power. IGAD did not require the outgoing TNG to submit to the Peace reconciliation conference their operational activities for the period of 3 years and did not require them to handing-over assets they acquired while in power to the elected TFGSS (i.e Transitional Federal Government for Southern Somalia. Of course assets were financed from the donations channeled by the Donors tax payers i.e. EEC, USA, Arab League and IGAD countries.

CONCLUSION:On the basis of the above facts and many other weaknesses, the protracted 14th Reconciliation conference for Southern Somalis which was held in Nairobi over the past 1.6 years ago failed to produce any positive results to the common Southern Somali citizens.

This conference has actually promoted the WAR_CRIMINALS (i.e. the war-lords), who committed multiple crimes against humanity over the past 25 years, because it has empowered the war-lords and their CRONIES as Parliamentarians and President. Thus any National, Regional or International Authorities that deem such deplorable results as satisfactory should be considered by common Somalis as their ENEMY and should never trust their baseless propaganda, which will endeavor to promote the so called TFGSS (i.e. Transitional Federal Government for Southern Somalia) as their future Government. Under the present leadership political instability in Southern Somalia will prevail and the on-going inter-clan wars will increase and thus make prevailing economic, social and political environment much worse than it is to-day.

The leaders of Southern Somalia should accept prevailing realities in Somaliland and avoid the mistakes made by the former TNG and the armed Militia FROM MAJEERTAYNIYA led by Qabqable Dagaalyahan Col. Abdillahi Yusuf should act differently and recognize Somaliland as an Independent State. Such a DIPLOMATIC RECOGNITION will the light of HOPE to realize a VIABLE PEACE PROCESS among Southern Somalis and that peace building process will be convened in the capital city, HARGEISA, Somaliland. Our brethren from Southern Somalis should realize that Somali Landers have invested considerable resources and efforts in stabilizing the political stability of Somaliland during 1991-2006. Somaliland will have a political dialogue only when a legal government from Southern Somalia RECOGNIZES THE NDEPENCENCE OF SOMALILAND. Somali Landers liberated their country at high cost during 1981-1991, after waging a bitter armed struggle against the Regime of Siad Barre under the leadership of SNM and will defend its territory at any cost under the leadership of its democratically elected State Bodies..

RECOMMENDATIONS:-1. For my Brothers and sisters in Southern Somalia, I will suggest to them that they organize themselves seriously and reconvene a REAL RECONCILIATION CONFERENCE inside the country and preverably in Somaliland in a manner similar to the MECHANISM USED BY SOMALILAND CLANS in resolving their differences and constituting a National Government of their choice without any influence from Foreign Governments. Experience learned from the PERFORMANCES of the out-going TNG tell us that that a bogus Government constituted in Foreign Soil will never become an effective National Government, which can easily gain the trust and support of the masses.

2. It is unfortunate for Somaliland Government and it is citizens that the same war-lord whose militia invaded two Regions of its territory has become the President of the TFGSS. This reality will jeopardize peaceful co-existence with our brothers and sister in Southern Somalia. Somaliland is therefore obliged to secure its borders without further delay and invest most of the resources it can avail on the defense of it is integrity. Somaliland Government and the Opposition Parties should mobilize their supporters in defending their freedom which cost them loss of over 100,000 lives and 100s and properties of the value of billions $.. I have no doubt in my mind that Qabqable Abdillahi’s priority is to EXPORT DIRTY-CLAN- WARS to the peace loving Republic of Somaliland as soon as his Government in finds Permanent Residence some where in Southern Somalia. He will try his level best to work-out power sharing mechanism with some of the LUGEONAIRES FROM SOMALILAND and their cronies who will endeavor to destabilize the prevailing political in progress in Somaliland. May the Almighty guide us all to a peaceful life and prosperous future.

Ahmed Muse Gedi ( Sanjab ), Secretary General, Justice and Welfare Party,

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