Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Time for Somaliland lawmakers to recognize unilaterally the state of Israel

This short is aimed at dwelling on and expanding the smart analysis of Nuradin Hasan (Arab Vs Somaliland) following the Banjul summit where the dispute between Somaliland and Arab countries took on a new dimension. It is true that Somalilanders have long been accustomed to Arab countries unabated misguided policies towards them, and were by and large forewarned about any Arab diplomatic offensive to contain, if not eliminate, the growing political stature of Somaliland.

Blinded by the ridiculous attempt of safeguarding their hegemonic Egyptian surrogate when it comes to the use of Nile water resources, Arab countries have never been able refrain from taking sides and to preserve a neutral stance on Somaliland-Somalia relations even on the face of the dismal failure of the unitary Somalia and in total disregard of the interests and aspirations Somaliland people. But this is time around, after failing to convince fellow African countries to desert Somaliland, Sudan and Egypt embarked in a very disgraceful grandstanding aimed at bullying fellow countries into restricting SL influence. Anti Somaliland sentiment is therefore tellingly cranked over and following these new developments, I agree with Nuradin on the need of an dramatic shift of Somaliland foreign policy.

One should first help one hand, and in my opinion the following actions ought to be considered.

  • unilateral severance of all relations with Arab countries altogether following a parliamentary debate and vote. During these discussions, it appears important to me not cheapens the issue at hand by mixing Islam in our political and economic decisions and not lose sight of our overriding responsibility : to broke off the Arab diplomatic encirclement. This move probably won't affect the recognition situation by itself but will likely.

  • new diplomatic options in the wake of the diplomatic reverse inflicted by Arab countries. Unilateral recognition of the state of Israel and establishment of diplomatic relations on ambassador level. Some of us might dubious of any involvement of the Jewish state into Somaliland affairs, but let”s keep in mind the high profile support of Israel to the Anyanya movement against Khartoum dictatorship. Chadian rulers, were also helped by Israel to fight off Arab-sponsored rebellions in the late 80”s. To counterbalance Arab imperialism in East Africa, Israelis took over5 the British presence in Uganda and Tanzania was at one point the largest recipient of Israelis military. And Indeed Somaliland present a huge geo-strategic impor­tance for a state of Israel in a hostile environment, from securing the Red Sea transit to Israeli ships to developing bilateral military cooperation similar to the Turkey-Israel alliance. "

    Faysal Diriye
  • Ottawa, Canada

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