Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Minnesota Somali’s helped elect the first Muslim to Congress

(Waridaad) - Today is a historic day for the Muslims in the United States of America and Minnesota in particular. The Somali immigrants in Minnesota helped elect the first ever Muslim to the House of Representatives.

"Democrat Keith Ellison comfortably won the race for the 5th District U.S. House seat, beating both the Independence Party and Republican candidates by around 30 points. Ellison campaigned heavily against the war in Iraq and has put environmental and health care issues at the top of his list of priorities. Ellison is the first Muslim to be elected to Congress". by Brandt Williams, Minnesota Public Radio

It is historic day for the Muslims in America and in particular the Somali Community in Minnesota who campaigned and voted for Mr. Ellison to represent them at the US Congress. It’s a day of reflection for the Somali Diaspora all over the world. The unity the Somali Community displayed in Minnesota is a thing to be proud of, and I hope the rest will follow suit and organize their affairs to do the same in their respective host countries.

My congratulations to Congressman Kieth Ellison and to the Somali Community in Minnesota.

By Ahmed Quick

Waridaad Media Centre

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houstonmacbro said...

i think this is a great day for AMERICA. i think we are finally starting to think outside the box because we have to. no longer is this country (if it ever was) lily white. we have to be inclusive and big tent thinking.