Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ethiopia: Border Security to Improve Between Ethiopia and Somaliland

The Ethiopian Herald (Addis Ababa)
Haile-Melekot AgizewAddis Ababa

Ethiopia and Somaliland have agreed to work together to maintain peace and security along their common border which is in jeopardy due to Al-Ithad, Al-Islamya and other breeding disreputable threats.

During talks with a high-level Somaliland delegation led by Interior Affairs Minister Abdullahi Ismael Ali yesterday, Federal Affairs Minister Siraj Fegessa said: "Ethiopia and Somaliland need each other more than ever before." He further said that with the international community taking a policy of appeasement towards Al-Ithad forces, Ethiopia and Somaliland can no longer put off making essential choices for adequately meeting the challenges posed by the terrorists against their nationals security interests.

On the occasion, the Minister welcomed the effort made by Somaliland security forces to capture terrorists who attempted to infiltrate from Somaliland into Ethiopia.

Siraj said: " The ties between the two countries must be further strengthened in all spheres on the basis of mutual respect and common interest."

Speaking on his part, Mr Abdulahi Ismael Ali, said: "It is difficult to differentiate the benefit of the security of Somaliland to the security of Ethiopia" Any danger is posed against Ethiopia is also a threat to Somaliland, he added.

The former British Somaliland protectorate became fully independent from the United Kingdom on June 26, 1960. The state of Somaliland united with Somalia, creating the Somali republic.

The Republic of Somaliland restored its independence after the total collapse of Somalia on May 18, 1991. Constitutionally, Somaliland has a multi-party system.

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