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The Mirage Victory and Euphoria of War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf and His Cohorts Will Be Short-Lived

It has long been said that: Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And in the words of John F. Kennedy, “A rising tide lifts all boats” says it all, and is meant for those who understand to take heed.
Therefore, those who think that the War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf, the “transitional president” of the so-called “Transitional Federal Government” (TFG), will pacify the entire country and bring reconciliation, peace, and tranquility to the failed and anarchic state of Somalia seem to have not learned from history and are doomed to repeat their past mistakes and failures all over again.

While I do not want to bore you with the mediocre and odious history of War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf, you can easily understand what type of a person he is, by closely scrutinizing or studying his recent activities in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia:

Example No. 1: War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf, recently imposed on the country an illegal “state of emergency” and unilaterally fired the Speaker of the TFG.
Example No. 2: War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf and his TFG recently ordered the closure of several private media outlets mainly owned by the Hawiye Clan such as Shabelle, Horn Afrik, Quran Karim, and even Al Jazira. The uproar and condemnation that ensured domestically and internationally forced the TFG to reverse its dictatorial actions. It is widely believed that the TFG ordered the closure of these media in order to cover up its shadowy crimes and to silence the opposition.

Example No. 3: There are reports that some of those gunmen who attacked the Police Stations in Mogadishu were TFG operatives wearing police uniforms. And it is suspected that War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf and his Puntland militia who are disguised as the National Security Forces are responsible for most of the insecurity, senseless murders, raping, and looting in Mogadishu city, and that all these criminal activities are part of a Clandestine Revenge Operations mounted in the dark of the night against the majority Hawiye Clan civilians.
Example No. 4: War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf and Mr. Abdirahman Nuur (Dinaari), the TFG spokesman who are of the same ethnic group are desperately trying to cover-up their crimes, mislead the public, deflect blame, and would like the public to believe that some “ghostly” elements of the Islamists who have long abandoned their position before even the Ethiopian troops and the TFG arrived in the city in order to save the people from the usually indiscriminate and devastating American Air bombardments, are responsible for all the murders and bombings that are happening under their very noses since they arrived in Mogadishu!!

Example No. 5: War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf, is clearly a dictator and certainly not a man of reconciliation and peace. And his adamant opposition to reconcile with the moderate elements of the Islamists and form a government of national unity is a clear evidence of the despot he is.

Example No. 6: War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf, claims that the thousands of the tribal militias that were transported from the tribal entity of Puntland are the “National Security Forces”, while the other militias particularly those of the Hawiye Clan, Digil & Mirifle Clan, Sade Clan, Absame Clan, and others in South and Central Somalia are “insurgents” and terrorists!!

Example No. 7: War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf, strongly and shamelessly supported the recent indiscriminate bombardments of the Absame Clan in Lower Juba region by the Americans, where hundreds of innocent nomads and their livestock and villages were needlessly destroyed in the name of the “War Against Terrorists”. In fact, he views these catastrophic destruction as a blessing in disguise in displacing the Absame Clan in Lower Juba region since these will remove their threat and enable his Majerteen tribe from Punt land to relocate and occupy the land. It is common knowledge that the Majerteen tribe coveted and claimed Kismayu as their own.

Most importantly, the systematic targeting of specific ethnic groups, arbitrary arrests, torture, rapes, and the gunning down of innocent civilians that are unfolding in Mogadishu today, are meant to terrorize, cow, and subjugate the majority Hawiye Clan—an evil method that is reminiscent of the past criminal deeds of Dictator Gen. Siad Bare, a kin of War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf!!
War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf:

Those who support and prop up the old and ailing War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf, the most reviled demagogue, the most hated criminal “Beast-Man” War Lord, the most tribalist and divisive, the most hateful and vindictive, the most greedy and selfish, and the most power hungry and dictatorial who was fraudulently chosen by a foreign power as the “transitional president” of the so-called “Federal Transitional Government” (TFG), a toothless paper government that was concocted in a foreign country—in Kenya in 2004, without the consent, input, and confidence of the ordinary citizenry of Somalia, are equally doomed to repeat the mistakes of history.

Apparently, this is the same tribalist “leader” who still claims the eastern frontiers of the peaceful and democratic Republic of Somaliland solely on the basis that since some of the inhabitants of these regions are tribally affiliated with his own Harti sub-clan, they should simply be part of the regional tribal entity of Puntland, Somalia regardless of the internationally recognized colonial borders and the territorial integrity of Somaliland!!

That is reasoning of this so-called “leader” whom some think that he will bring reconciliation, peace, and tranquility to the failed and anarchic State of Somalia and the Horn of Africa region in general!!

Whatever the case, those who are backing and propping up this old and lame vulture that can't fly, will greatly regret and have themselves to blame. This criminal War Lord has never known peace in his entire life. He is certainly not a man of peace and the right leader for Somalia. And he will contribute nothing to Somalia or the Horn of Africa region except ignite more wars and destruction.

Therefore, to impose such a criminal on the embattled people of Somalia signifies the indifference of the international community, and that is a crime by itself.

Nevertheless, the occupancy of Villa Somalia by War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf and his euphoric and ecstatic cohorts will be short-lived and catastrophic. Therefore, by blindly backing this criminal, you are not only wasting your time but, elongating the suffering of the people of Somalia and jeopardizing your national interests.

“Transitional Federal Government” (TFG):
When the TFG was concocted in Nairobi, Kenya in 2004, it remained in exile in that country for a year due to sheer cowardice to return to Mogadishu, the capital and establish itself there. Even though people of Somalia particularly in Mogadishu had begun the preparation to welcome him and his “government”, War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf could dare go there alone for fear of some “ghostly terrorists” already controlling the city and waiting to gobble him alive. With pressure mounting for him to leave, he goofed, disregarded the transitional Constitution and the checks and balance system in place and unilaterally appealed to the international community to provide him with foreign troops. This led other to call him names such traitor and was seen as not a man of reconciliation and peace but, a coward hyena who wants to maul women and children particularly those of the Hawiye Clan with the help of foreign troops. However, his absurd request was overlooked by the international community who deemed the request as premature therefore he and his paper government continued to stay in exile.

Eventually, War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf and the TFG became a nuisance and an unnecessary burden and were, in the end, unceremoniously kicked out of Kenya; while kicking and screaming and were shipped to Somalia, where they fearfully landed in Jowhar City airport at the invitation of Col. Mohamed Dheere, a strong Hawiye War Lord who controlled the Middle Shabelle Region whom after some months, he became uncomfortable and foolishly fell out with him, and fled in the middle of the night to Baydoa City in Central Somalia.
In Baydoa city, he was luckily invited, again, by the Digil & Mirifle Clan Elders and politicians. But after a few months, he begun his devious deeds and committed many atrocities to his hosting clan. It is believed that he was behind the assassination of Mr. Abdallah Isaaq Derow, a prominent local cabinet minister and his tribal militias shot at point blank and killed a prominent traditional leader of Digil & Mirifle Clan. In addition, his triblal militia massacred in day broad light tens of Digil & Mirifle militias stationed and guarding the airport for no reason.

These criminal incidents angered the entire Digil & Mirifle Clan who immediately ordered him out of Baydoa City or else. At the same time, the Islamists were closing on Baydoa city, where the TFG was temporary station.
In danger of being over run by the Islamists and the various angry militias, the Ethiopians vowed to protect the TFG and immediately came to their aid by sending thousands of troops to guard them against the “terrorists” for sometime.

Finally, when the war broke out between the Islamists and the TFG, the Ethiopians troops with the help of the American air support was no match for the Islamists therefore they retreated and immediately collapsed. And soon afterwards War Lord Abdillahi Yusuf and the TFG were transported to Mogadishu, where they a currently been guarded by thousands of a heavily armed Ethiopian troops and thousands of his militia from the regional tribal entity of Puntland.

And this brief background is an indication that this “leader” and his paper government is hated in the whole of Somalia with the exception of Puntland, where he hails from.

This also denotes that he lacks a broad power base and that he is not a leader to back or do business with or kill for or die for.

On the other hand, it defies logic and insults human intelligence that the TFG, a paper government that was concocted in a foreign land and lacks the support of the people and led by a criminal War Lord who lacks national power power base whose ranks include the most bloodthirsty War Lords, various tribal militias, war criminals, and the remnants of the dreaded tyrannical and fascist military regime of the deposed Dictator Gen. Siad Bare who were responsible for the documented targeting of entire ethnic groups and communities, wanton highway robberies, looting, arbitrary arrests, unjust imprisonments, barbarous tortures, politically and tribally motivated mass rapes, horrendous massacres, and indiscriminate land and air bombardments of densely populated major cities, systematic displacement of rural and nomadic communities, poisoning of water wells, planting of millions of mines that continue to kill and maim innocent civilians and livestock, and waged a fascist and genocidal war from 1980 to 1991 against the Isaaq Clan of the now independent Somaliland and who were, in the first place, responsible for the prevailing civil war, bloodshed, refugees, and the collapse and anarchic state of Somalia and caused the repudiation of the Somaliland-Somalia Union, and the reclamation of the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland—will bring reconciliation, peace, unity, and tranquility to the already suffering and bleeding people of Somalia who are unabatedly still been mauled by these tribal and criminal savages!!
The Tribal Entity of Puntland (Majertenia):

The blind support of this criminal War Lord who hails from a minority ethnic group from the semi arid and depopulated regional tribal entity of Majertenia who lacks the confidence of the people and seen as a subservient to foreign powers and interests and backed by foreign troops, and who is seen by many as being on the prowl to commit barbarous revenge and ethnic cleansing against the majority Hawiye Clan as well as the other major clans who oppose him such as the Digil & Mirifle, the second largest ethnic group in Somalia, is ridiculous, short-sighted, and a recipe for a Rwanda-style genocidal wars in the country and in the Horn of Africa region.

In addition, the Somali Bantus, an agrarian society who densely inhabit 10 of the 18 Somalia provinces who are unjustly classified as a minority group and who are indicated in the fraudulent Charter of Somalia made in Kenya ” as “Others”, and meaning non-Somalis solely because of their race, are by far larger than the entire Harti sub-clan/Majerteen tribe whom War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf hails from!!

Therefore, the occupancy of Villa Somalia by War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf and the Euphoria of his tiny and insignificant regional power base mainly drawn from the semi arid, desolate, and sparsely populated regional administration of Puntland, a tribal entity in the North-East of Somalia who are ecstatic and still wildly dancing on top of their roofs thinking that they have finally, defeated the majority Hawiye Clan who are for now, lying low and studying the unfolding events and who believe that they have achieved the illusive and long awaited “success” and return to power and the opportunity to perpetuate their usual and widely despised empty pride, selfishness, empty arrogance, hollow rhetoric, tribalism, injustice, and the tyranny of the long dead and forgotten “Mohamud Saleebaan dynasty”, are in for a surprise and their ungodly hopes and they will blame no other Somalis except themselves.

They can't have both ways therefore, they will either have to be with foreigners or be with the Somalis. It is that simple, and the choice is theirs to make!
The tribal entity of Puntland, should put into account that neither the people of Somalia nor the people of Somaliland or the people of Djibouti or the people of the Somali State of Ethiopia will ever forget your past and present horrendous crimes you committed against the innocent Somalis. In addition, The humiliation and bloodshed you caused the entire Somali race by supporting and bringing into the country foreign troops will also not be forgotten.
Therefore, the questions to be asked here are:

Do the people of the regional tribal entity of Majertenia realize the turbulent and dangerous waters they are trying to navigate at the expense of all Somalis?
Are they between the deep blue sea and the devil?
Are they just a foolish, greedy, opportunist, power hungry, and a blind lot?
Why do they just want to rule, while they do not know how to rule or known justice and humanity in the lives?

Why do they seek unnecessary enmity with all Somalis (Hawiye, Isaaq, Digil &Mirifle, Sade, Absame, Samaroon, Issa, etc?

What will they gain from their reckless adventures and crimes against Somalis?
Why have they put all their aspirations and hopes on an incompetent, illiterate, dictatorial, tribalist, old, and ailing criminal War Lord who is hated by all Somalis and who will not last for ever?

Why are they alienating themselves from the rest of Somalis?
Do they think they think of what tomorrow or the future can bring?
Have they taken the world for granted?

The Federal Republic of Ethiopia:

As for, War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf's short-sighted foreign backers particularly Ethiopia who are also rejoicing and patting themselves in the back and who really believe that they have resuscitated the mythical “Lion of Juda” and that they have finally reached the illusive Indian Ocean, and have “conquered” the entire Somalis and who think that they have returned golden era and glory of the ancient and feudal Abyssinia by way of breaching the international law, by illegally mounting a war of aggression and openly invading a sovereign country, by colluding with other foreign powers and dubbing the entire Somalis as Islamists and terrorists, by participating in the unjust and inhuman “War Against Terrorism”, by torturing, raping, and killing innocent Somalis; by displacing hundreds of thousands of an already suffering civilians, and by forcing tens of thousands of others to flee for their lives and seek refuge in the neighbouring countries, only to find that all the borders have been sealed by the Kenyan authorities with the help of the American Special Forces and Ethiopian troops contrary to the Geneva Convention, and abandoned in the cold to starve and die a slow and miserable and painful death; will not be forgotten and those who are responsible for committing these horrendous atrocities and crimes against humanity against the innocent people of Somalia and the nomadic herdsmen on both sides of the Somalia-Kenya border will be accountable and brought to justice in the future.

Ethiopia, should understand that it can can not defend itself and it has always relied on foreign powers and troops and it can never ever conquer the Somalis people. If we go back to his, during the era of Imam Ahmed Gurey, it was the Portuguese who came to its aid; during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, it was the British and the French who came to its aid; during the Ogden War between Somalia and Ethiopia, it hundreds of thousands of Cuban troops, Russians, Yemenis, and others who came to its aid; and its present invasion against the Islamists in Somalia, its the American and others who came to its aid. So it should gloat for nothing and pretend to be a regional power.

On the other hand, the unchecked Ethiopians support and the carte blanc it has offered the criminal War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf to do the dirty job with the expectation that he will pacify all the major Somalia clans as well as the peaceful and democratic Republic of Somaliland in order to serve its hidden agenda and interests, is absolutely a wishful thinking, a fools dream, sheer short-sightedness, and a hollow endeavour that will end in a fiasco and resulting to its future alienation in the Horn of Africa region.

It is common knowledge that Ethiopia has a rocky relations with all of its neighbours in the Horn of Africa region (Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia) with the exception of Somaliland, which also is beginning to question its position and fruitless relations with the deceitful Ethiopia. In addition, on the level of the IGAD, Ethiopia has alienated Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, and Somalia. This reckless and adventurous will in the end result in the failure and collapse of the State of Ethiopia, if it does not return to common sense and change its unproductive and dangerous foreign policy.

It is therefore advisable that Ethiopia to immediately withdraw its occupation troops in Somalia regardless of whether the African Peace Keepers arrive in the country or not. In addition, it is also time that Ethiopia to end its constant provocations and meddling in the affairs of its neighbours if peace and security is to be achieved in the Horn of Africa region.

Failure to do so, be assured that in a couple of months from now, when the dust finally settles down, it will have a rude awakening and its perceived “victory” over the Somalis and the resurrection of the so-called “Lion of Juda” will once again be put in the dustbin of history, where it had always belonged.
With the ongoing internal opposition such as the Oromo people, the Somali people, Amhara people, and other major ethnic groups as well as its lack-locked situation, is a recipe for civil war and anarchy that will render it the most insecure, least developed, poorest, weakest, and the lowest of the low in the Horn of Africa region if it does not change its dictatorial nature and domestic and foreign, and change it for the better now. Let those who understand take heed!

The Republic of Somaliland:

The cause, independence, and sovereignty of the peaceful and democratic Republic of Somaliland is non-negotiable and irreversible. Somaliland is legally established within its former colonial borders and it achieved its independence from the British on 26 June 1960, thereby becoming the first Somali territory to achieve independence. Somaliland is the mother of all independent Somalis and not Somalia.

Unfortunately, Somaliland was swept away by the winds of Pan Africanism, which existed at the period of its independence and entered a voluntarily and ill-advised union with Italian Somalia on its independence day on 1 July 160, which turned out to costly and disastrous, thereby resulting to a long and bitter genocidal war against the people of Somaliland particularly the predominant Isaaq Clan.

This led to the founding of the Somali National Movement (SNM), a well organized and mighty guerrilla group, which humiliated and degraded and, in the end, soundly defeated the tyrannical and fascist military regime of the deposed Dictator Siad Bare, and expelled them from the territory of Somaliland.

Immediately after liberation of its people and country, the SNM, held a Grand Nationational Reconciliation Conference in Burao city in 1991, which all the ethnic groups were equally represented and reached an amicable agreement for the restoration of the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland on 18 May 1991.

Since then, Somaliland has successfully and amicably disarmed the powerful and influential SNM, which had liberated the country and possessed a broad national power base , and returned the power to civilian rule at the Grand National Reconciliation Conference in Borame City in 1993.

Somaliland, continued with the path of reconciliation and peace and held several other Grand National Reconciliation Conferences particularly in Berbera city, Sheikh City, and finally in Hargeisa city in 1997.
All these sensitive reconciliation processes were successfully achieved by the people without the financial and technical support or input of the international community.

Somaliland, has within its disposal an important to contribution to offer to the international community as well as to the failed and anarchic state of Somalia, that is, its expertise in conducting effective and productive reconciliation and peace process, sound traditional and modern negotiation expertise, ingenious system in resolving sensitive ethnic and land conflicts, effective cease fire and monitoring capabilities, skillful in ending civil wars, experience in putting in place a reconciliation, peace, and tranquility; and an effective power sharing mechanism, industrious nation building mechanism—from the bottom up.
Somaliland, will not be a basket case and a burden to the international community. It is strategically located on the Red Sea. And it has possesses may other lucrative natural resources such as oil, gas, coal, precious gem stones, cement, marine resources, livestock, etc. It also possesses a conscious, intelligent, cosmopolitan, progressive, resourceful, and entrepreneur citizenry.
Therefore, it is important that the international community to reward Somaliland for its achievements and for its peaceful and democratic nature, and to offer it its long over due international recognition that it deserves so that it could join the family of nations and have the opportunity to exploit its natural resources and develop, and to continue to contribute to peace and security in the turbulent Horn of Africa region and to the world in general.
Today, Somaliland has a democratic and free market system, a hybrid legislative system (House of the Representatives, and House of the Elders (Guurti), a multi party system, three national political parties, a Constitution in which 97% voted in favour, its first article reaffirmed the sovereignty of Somaliland in an internationally observed referendum held in 2001, an elected local government, an elected legislative assembly, an elected president, a strong National Army, a small Navy, a Police Force and other Security Forces, a currency of its own, passport, etc. , most importantly, it fairly trades and co-exists with its neighbours in a peaceful and amicable manner.

Somaliland, has many sympathetic friends to its cause in the international community particularly UK, US, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Senegal, Mali, Gambia, etc.

Furthermore, Somaliland has a strong historical and legal case in accordance with the AU Charter, UN Charter, Montevideo Conference, and others and, has been vigorously seeking an international recognition.

Therefore, the questions to asked here are:

Why is Somaliland not rewarded for its achievements, peace, democracy, and sound legal case?

Why is the criminal War Lords of Somalia are rewarded with international recognition, and with billions of dollars and 14 Peace Conferences funded by the by international community, non of which yielded some fruit or ended the civil or reconciled the waring faction or brought about nation building?

Why is the international community War Lords and tribal militias who continue to barbarously shed the blood of their innocent civilians and creating mass refugees, and who are perpetuating and elongating the prevailing failure and anarchy in Somalia, while the peaceful and democratic people and Republic of Somaliland are neither recognized nor rewarded for their efforts and for their contribution in the overall peace and security in the Horn of Africa region!!

It is clear that Somaliland, is the good guy here and deserves better treatment and respect; while Somalia is undoubtedly the bad guy therefore the international community should reward the good guy and not the bad guy. Is that asking for too much?
On the other hand, for any talks between Somaliland and Somalia to occur in the future, the following conditions must be met:

The TFG of Somalia, rather than focusing their eyes in the sky, they must focus them down, for once, and see the reality on the ground that is unfolding before their very eyes since the reclamation of the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland on 18 May 1991. Therefore, they must come to terms with their falsehoods hollow denials if any bilateral talks is to be held in the future in resolving the Somaliland-Somalia predicament.

The TFG of Somalia, must expel the few pot-bellied mercenaries in its ranks who hail from Somaliland who neither have the support of the people or the government of Somaliland or have a constituency or represent anyone in Somaliland, other than, their huge mouths, elongated throats, and protruding stomachs and huge round behinds. There never ever existed such an ethnic group as “DIR WOQOYI” or “DIR KONFUR” in all the Somali territories (Somaliland, Somalia, Djibouti, Somali State of Ethiopia, and the North Eastern Province of Kenya and even in the Diasporas. Therefore, it must also come to terms with this counterproductive, misleading, hollow, and stupid falsehoods.

The TFG of Somalia, must come to terms with that the people of the peaceful and democratic Republic of Somaliland are represented by non, other than, their democratically elected leaders and government.

The TFG of Somalia, must end its provocations and unconditionally remove the rag tag militia of the regional tribal entity of Puntland from the eastern frontiers of Somaliland territory if negotiations and peace and security is to be achieved between the two countries and in the Horn of Africa in general.

The TFG of Somalia, must adhere to and abide by and respect the internationally recognized borders of Somaliland that were inherited from the former Protectorate of British Somalland in accordance with the AU Charter.

The TFG of Somalia, must come to terms with that the reclamation of independence, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of Somaliland on 18 May 1991 are sacrosanct and non-negotiable.
The TFG of Somalia, must come to terms with that the ill-advised Somaliland-Somalia Union in 1960 was voluntary.

The TFG of Somalia, must come to terms with that the ill-advised Somaliland-Somalia Union in 1960 was not ratified by the parliaments of both Somaliland and Somalia and as such the Union is non-binding or null and void in accordance with common sense, and the international law.

The TFG of Somalia, must come to terms with that Somalia is responsible for breaching and destroying the Somaliland-Somalia Union, in the first place, and for practicing systematic discrimination at all levels of public and private sectors, for using a devious and treacherous practices, for the underdevelopment of Somaliland, for causing general insecurity in the country, triggering and perpetuating ethnic rife and civil wars, for gross violations of human rights, for committing horrendous war crimes, for employing a scotch earth policy and destroying entire communities and the major cities in Somaliland, etc; and for waging a long and bitter fascist and genocidal war in which it was militarily defeated, which finally led to the reclamation of the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland.

The TFG of Somalia, must come to terms with that people of Somaliland held an internationally observed referendum in 2001 in which 97% voted in favour of the Constitution and the Reclamation of the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland.

The TFG of Somalia, must come to terms with that even if a second internationally observed referendum is held in Somaliland, which is unlikely the vote will be overwhelmingly in favour of the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland and that it will lose miserably.

The TFG of Somalia, must come to terms with that Somaliland occupies no other nation's territory and that it is legally established within its former colonial territory of the Protectorate of British Somaliland, and the territory of its independence day on 26 June 1960.

The TFG of Somalia, must come to terms with that the illogic, baseless, and futile claims of the tribal entity of Puntland over the Eastern Frontiers of Somaliland solely because of the communities who inhabit there are tribally affiliated with Puntland is ridiculous, counterproductive, and unacceptable.

Farah Ali Jama,
Ottawa, Canada.
(January 29, 2007).

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