Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Somaliland reportedly in secret talks on unity with Somalia

(NAIROBI/MOGADISHU) — Somaliland officials have been involved in secret talks aimed at exploring the possibility of re-unification with Somalia, the daily Arabic newspaper Al-Khaleej disclosed on Thursday May 10.

According to Al-Khaleej which is based in the United Arab Emirates, the talks are being sponsored by Ethiopian and American diplomats in an attempt to convince Somaliland to accept re-joining Somalia under new favourable terms to be guaranteed by both Addis Ababa and Washington.

"Talks involving Somaliland leaders and Ethiopian and American officials are under way to discuss the details of a plan for re-unification of Somaliland with other regions of Somalia," Al-Khaleej said.

According to sources close to the discussions, Somaliland has been offered a strong commitment by the two sponsoring nations to guarantee the terms of any deal reached on the re-unification issue, Al-Khaleej added.

Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, Abdullahi Mohamed Du’ale, is currently in Addis Ababa. He left Hargeysa about a month ago to an undisclosed destination.

The Somaliland government has placed a news blackout on Mr Duale’s whereabouts.

In March, the Minister of Finance, Awil Ali Duale left for Nairobi, Kenya.
There was no official statement on the purpose of Awil’s trip to Kenya.
The minister of Finance returned to Hargeysa in mid April.

(Somaliland Times)

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