Friday, December 28, 2007

Kenya Opposition Poised to Sweep

(Waridaad) - NAIROBI, Kenya — The opposition appears to be sweeping Kenya’s elections, according to preliminary results released on Friday, with a populist challenger poised to unseat the incumbent president and several high profile ministers voted out of office.

According to partial results aired on three Kenyan television stations, Raila Odinga, a flamboyant businessman campaigning as champion of the poor, has about 57 percent of the vote, compared to less than 40 percent for Mwai Kibaki, the incumbent who is known for boosting Kenya’s economy but favoring his own tribe.....Read more

"Do you know that Raila Odinga, once addressed a mammoth rally at the freedom park in the middle of the city of Hargeisa? Perhaps the ever courageous Agwambo, and fourth president of Kenya, can be approached for support. Are you listening Somalilanders?.

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