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When the UDUB Asses Bray at KULMIYE and Hon. Haji Ahmed Silanyo!

(Waridaad) - While the out of step, shallow, meaningless, and balderdash article titled, “ Siilanyo and Dr Frazier” by Mohamud Tani, which was dated on February 9, 2008 does not deserve a response, it will not go unchallenged. (

Refer also to a related below the belt article titled, “This letter is to Anyone Who Supports Silaanyo and to Any Leader Like Him” by Siham Ahmed, which date on February 9, 2008 and can been accessed at website.

Whatever the case, when the heinous, cowardly, and insignificant Riyaale and UDUB kowtowers, backscratchers, and bootlickers or wild asses/donkeys bray ill at KULMIYE, the largest political party in the land as well the Official Opposition party in Somaliland and the highly respected Hon. Haji Ahmed Silanyo, the veteran SNM Lion King and the only remaining Somali Statesman in the entire Horn of Africa and East Africa regions, what do you do?

Should you just seat back and just absorb their idiotic, repetitive, meaningless argument, personal insults, curses, and malevolence?

Or should just ignore them and their mischief, odious trash talk, out-and-out personal attacks and verbal insults, manifest baseless and unfounded allegations, unmitigated smear campaign and mudslinging, and sheer empty rhetoric, void brouhaha, and hollow bravado?
Or should you continue to baby-sit them, give them solace, and reassurance for their safety when they lose power soon with or without election?

Or should you further lambaste them, scare or rattle them, hound them, and even make them to gibber or howl like some quivering monkeys surrounded by some killer jaguars?
What do you say to them?

Well, what I would say to these disloyal partisan ruffians, lackeys, stooges, and parasitical UDUB scoundrels such as Mr. Mohamud Tani and his likes is as follows:

Whether they continue to laugh like hyenas with animosity and grudge; bray like asses with hostility and wickedness; grunt, squak, and squeal like pigs with malignance and rancor; gibber or howl like monkeys with venom and malice; hoot or screech like owls with malevolence and evil; moo like cows with acrimony and vindictiveness; bleat or baa like lambs with tribalist venom, envy, and hate; mew like cats with bad blood and enmity; and quack like ducks with bitterness—the SNM and its veterans will continue to roar with valour, heroism, courage, and self-confidence like the lions they are and make you shudder with fear; the KULMIYE tigers will continue to growl with guts, firmness, and audacity and make you even more anxious, timid, and insecure; and the indomitable nationalist Somalilanders and their leaders from within and in the Diasporas will continue to be vigilant, will forge ahead, and trumpet like the mighty elephants in a daring, dauntless, and fearless manner and render you even more spineless, obsolete and continue to vigorously guard and defend, at all costs, their hard won independence, liberty, budding democracy, Constitution and laws of the land, and overall developmental achievements as well as the defence of their peace, just cause, and the existence of Somaliland, their motherland.

According to the word of the day on Monday, October 4, 1999 it states:
“The distinction between monkeys and apes is still muddled in the popular mind: Chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans are still frequently called ‘monkeys,’ and very good monkeys, such as Barbary “apes” and Celebes black ‘apes,’ continue to carry their misnomers.” By Noel T. Boaz Ph.D., Eco Homo.

Similarly, according my own version of the word of the day on Sunday, February 10, 2008, which is intentionally coined or borrowed almost word for word from the above stated in order not paraphrase it and to dilute the meaning from his word of the day, I say:

The distinction between the evil Barbarians and the good Mujahideen freedom fighters is still muddled in the popular mind: Tribalists, demagogues, NSS Gestapo, Hangash, Dhabar Jebinta, Guulwade (Sharwade), Siyadists, and Faqash are still frequently called “legitimate leaders” and our gallant and successful nationalist Organizations who liberated the people and the state of Somaliland such as the Somali National Movement (SNM) and its heroic veteran freedom fighters and their entire history such as Muj. Xaji Ahmed Silanyo, Muj. Mohamed Hashi, Muj. Dr. Gaboose, Muj. Muse Bihi, Muj. Dhegoweyne, Muj. Mohamed Kahin, Muj. Abdirahman Aw Ali, and many others who are called “illegitimate Qaran Dumis,” continue to carry their misnomers.
Nevertheless, these desperate dark souls tediously peddle and repeat the, same old same, argument ad absurdum and carries it to such lengths that it becomes silly, nuisance, ridiculous, and offensive.

Whatever the case, this type of small-timer, cowardly, loudmouth jackals, and scoundrels such as Mr. Mohamud Tani and his likes unabatedly badmouths our SNM freedem fighters and veterans, seasoned politicians, and honest leaders and statesmen of international caliber such as Hon. Haji Ahmed Silanyo and others.

And when you weigh their never ending venomous tribalism, envy, hate, mischievous deeds, insults, sabotage, and treasonous deeds against the generally nationalist, law abiding, progressive, noble, proud, and intrepid people of Somaliland who paid a high price in relation to the loss of untold properties and capital, time, sweat, tears, pain, humiliation, and the blood of hundreds of thousands of their innocent sons and daughters during the war of liberation of Somaliland, it makes you wonder if these lowlife, good-for-nothing, rogue, and vagabond individuals or groups or factions ever learn from history or why they are still at this satanic losing end and causing more evil in the land or what will be their punishment and fate, this time around, when the current inept, highly corrupt, and Gestapo administration led by his high school level and unqualified uncle with a dark past and his cohorts is soundly defeated in the upcoming presidential election in August 2008 or when he disgracefully loses power, with or without election!!

Furthermore, Mr. Mohamud Tani and his lot are being silly, openly mischievous, and lying through their teeth. They were neither there or in the room when Hon. Xaji Ahmed Silanyo was meeting Dr. Jendayi Frazier nor was Mr. Riyaale, his uncle or brother-in-law there or when she was meeting the political party leaders and others jointly or separately.

As a result, I would like to state here clearly that, Mr. Mohamud Tani, we are beginning to lose patience with you and are seriously tired of your covert tribalism, hatemongering, misinformation, baseless and unfounded allegations, tired and repetitive argument, and your idiotic brouhaha and empty tribal bravado therefore it is a high time that you come to your senses and forego your intolerable mischievous deeds or to curb your unpleasant excesses, otherwise, you will not reach far or get away with this kind of behaviour. And no one will continue to tolerate constant provocations, attempts to insult our intelligence, disturbing our psychic, and continuously rubbing salt in our wounds, time and again.
Stay tuned for part 2 of 2…..

And in the meantime, as a reminder, I live you to ponder with the following document and article titled:

“Letter-Of-Death” by General ‘Morgan’ dated on January 23, 1987.
English version at:
Somali version:
The article titles, “Justice for the Atrocities of the 1980s: The Responsibility of Politicians and Political Parties” by Rakiya A. Omaar, which was dated January 21, 2003.

Read article at,

Farah Ali Jama,

Ottawa, Canada.

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