Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Defending Or Defeating Somaliland State

THE current situation of Somaliland State is very
worrisome. Besides the ongoing massive corruption,
fuel spike, and constitutional crises in the country
created by president Riyale`s government, the growing
tribal military arsenal in Puntland is a new threat to
Somaliland independence that has been already undercut
by the occupation of Sool and Eastern Sanaag.

This tribal military build up should not be underestimated
especially when the timing is unfavorable to
Somaliland Republic as there are no preparations for
long time conflict on the side of Somaliland
government that already failed the nation for being
responsible for the infamous invasion of Eastern
Somaliland. The arms in the hands of the government
to day are planned to guard the ruling regime and
suppress the public, not to defend the country.

Unless there is miraculous change, the probability of
another war looming against Somaliland Republic is
very high and in the making. The clan-oriented,
totalitarian colonel, Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed elected
president of Somalia on October 10, 2004, has embarked
since on relentless campaign for amassing arms, forces
and money. He receives shipments of arms, armored
vehicles, artillery, ammunition and others regularly
through Bosaso Seaport and Airport to invade Mogadisho
and the rest of Sool and Sanaag of Somaliland
including Erigavo and Ainabo or even more. The
weapons piled up in Bosaso in the hands of a tribe and
the nature of the tribal war-monger in charge, Col.
Abdullahi Yusuf, should be sending chilling message to
Hargeisa too. If he defeats the powerful warlords in
Mogadisho and succeeds in establishing corrupt tribal
rule like Siad Barre did for 21 years in Somalia
(1969-1990), he will mobilize Somalia within 1-2 years
under the banner of well-crafted moving, ardent
nationalism to invade and subdue Somaliland in order
to restore the defacto union at gunpoint. If he is
defeated, he will reorganize and beat tribal drums to
turn against Somaliland with the intention of
completing the annexation of Sool and Sanaag or even
seizing more to establish tribal state in the middle
that he dreamed of for a longtime. In both scenarios,
Somaliland Republic is well in the picture of the
tribal hatred stained-minds of the colonel and
Puntland leadership. In my article, Puntland`s
Growing Threat Against Somaliland, posted on
Somaliland Web Sites in August 2003, I warned of the
impending invasion of Puntland but it was ignored and
the invasion took place 4 months later.

Col. Abdullahi Yusuf treats Somaliland Republic today
as a province of Somalia equal to Puntland province.
This degrading attitude may well indicate the
existence of a secret treasonous connection between
president Dahir Riyale Kahin and president Abdullahi
Yusuf Ahmed. The likelihood of the above scenarios to
happen is very real under the leadership of president
Riyale under whose watch and presidency influenced
Puntland Administration to easily invade and still
occupy most of Sool and Eastern Sanaag. Without doubt,
Majeerteenia will pay heavy price that will haunt it
long for its arrogant repeated aggressions against
Somaliland but the true retribution against Puntland
is unreal under president Riyale`s leadership. He is
not the right leader to defend the country because he
already undermined Somaliland national unity and
territorial integrity. President Riyale should not be
allowed to take the country to a war of his own choice
whose objective is to divert public attention from the
crises in the country to prolong his regime or to a
war without assured victory but defeat.

Under this dangerous situation, president Riyale and
his henchmen in the power seem indifferent but,
instead, are busy accumulating money stolen from
public funds for enrichment and for stealing
elections. President Riyale recently sent his wife,
Mrs. Huda, to Cairo carrying millions of dollars
stolen from the toiling, poor masses of Somaliland
including the disabled, the orphans, the sick, the
blind, the deaf, the homeless, and the elderly to buy
one million dollar home in the rich neighborhoods of
Cairo to have pleasant learning-environment for their
children. Mr. Dahir Riyale Kahin and his
conspiratorial associates in the abused power
represent immoral, disgraceful and corrupt regime for
continuously stealing millions of dollars from public
funds for personal enrichment, for rigging elections,
and for creating inter-clan tensions while the country
is under threat. These stolen public funds were
originally intended to build strong, updated defense
for the country in this dangerous world as well as
investing in development projects and alleviating or
subsidizing soaring prices of food and fuel for the

On the day president Riyale took over the office of
the presidency, he started appointing and gathering
unionists, mostly remnants of Siad`s regime, and
reactionary puppets in his administration for
subversive reasons. That was when everything went
wrong in the country. Studying his actions and
behavior, it is clear that he is not fool, he is not
weak and he is not coward under pressure, he is
traitor, wrecker, betrayer, faithless and selfish man,
who is committed to bring Somaliland and its people
down through the ongoing destructive policies. Those
puppets who bow to him and destroy the country with
him are the real cowards. He is embarked on a process
of destruction against Somaliland independence and
statehood through the following three steps:

FIRST, president Riyale deliberately damaged all
aspects of governance and statehood of Somaliland
Republic. He succeeded in dismantling the three major
branches or pillars of Somaliland Government namely:
Executive power, legislative, and judiciary, then he
compromised territorial integrity and national unity,
created constitutional crisis, eliminated democratic
process, crippled economy, weakened defense, disabled
local government functions, undercut social services,
abused human rights, cracked down freedom of speech,
banned political debates etc. He has established
treasonous dictatorship instead that is responsible
for the current crises. President Riyale has also
showed no respect for the celebrations of May 18 and
June 26 which are important dates in Somaliland

SECOND, president Riyale apparently encouraged
Puntland Administration to invade and conquer Sool and
Eastern Sanaag as the easiest way to damage Somaliland
statehood and its long-awaited diplomatic recognition.
The successful invasion of Puntland on Las Anod,
capital of Sool, on December 31, 2003 and the
subsequent advance of Puntland Administration into
Eastern Sanaag marked the beginning, not the end, of
Somaliland disintegration. President Riyale does not
want to bring Sool and Eastern Sanaag back into the
fold of Somaliland State for anti-Somaliland motives.
The people of Sool and Eastern Sanaag know well that
they share country, history, government, and borders
with the rest of Somaliland and most of them are more
than willing to be part of it but they feel unwelcome
because of Riyale`s treasonous policy. President
Riyale does not want to hold parliamentary elections
in Sool and Eastern Sanaag to give them away to
Puntland province.

THIRD, president Riyale and his conspiratorial
associates are involved in creating inter-clan civil
wars, as their election campaign language and
clandestine activities clearly indicate, especially
within the clans of Central and Eastern Regions of the
country to turn Somaliland into lawless, failed state
like Somalia with the objective of justifying another
unwelcome, humiliating merger with Somalia. The
country is undergoing through this final step, the
first two steps have been already successful, which
could trigger the end of Somaliland Republic unless
saved by its people. The destructive actions of
president Riyale and his henchmen are much louder than
their misleading, deceitful words, comments, and
speeches to divert public attention from what is
happening in the country. While in this process of
destruction, president Riyale`s policy is to keep
Awdal in low profile and silently displace the
inhabitants of Zeila and Lug-hayo coastline area
causing tribal confrontations in that part of the
country too.

SOMALILAND is in dire need of urgent political change
to save it from the ongoing destructive process and
from another infamous tribal invasion from Puntland or
Somalia. With the parliamentary elections upon
Somaliland, the people may face another disappointing
situation in the hands of the regime. There is very
slim chance that the coming elections will be clean
and fraud-free if held and not suspended by the
regime. If the parliamentary elections take place
without fraud on September 15, 2005 and UDUB Party
loses, president Riyale should be impeached
immediately because the consequences of letting him
and his henchmen in power will be far graver for the
nation in future than removing them. If the election
results are stolen, under the current circumstances,
with loyal armed forces, public transport, and huge
corrupt money as a cargo of forged money arrived in
the country recently at Berbera International Airport
to interfere elections, the nation should face the
reality that forceful removal of president Riyale from
power is the only compulsory remaining option to save
Somaliland Republic from destructive civil wars and
humiliating defeat in the hands of its sworn enemies.

President Riyale previously refused to step down and
blocked the impeached process which is an unavoidable
constitutional process if a democratically elected
president betrays his nation as happened in many
countries of the world before. Stealing parliamentary
election results, should immediately lead to his
inevitable forceful removal from power unless
president Riyale and his henchmen change their minds
for the common good of all and step down. Impeaching
or removing president Riyale from power will not
affect Somaliland diplomatic recognition as the scare
tactics of the regime tell the nation but will defend
the country from external aggressions and will unite
again the people and the country. Somaliland people
should not resign their responsibility of expelling
president Riyale from power for the sake of
recognition as the country is already on a runaway
train on collision course and facing news serious

Beware of president Riyale, the betrayer, and his
reactionary puppets. Appealing to tribal emotions and
using massive corrupt money, they will work hard to
create inter-clan clashes especially when they realize
they are losing the parliamentary elections to the
opposition parties. The nation should be also beware
of the few Somaliland Web Sites which unfortunately
have become mouth piece for Riyale`s destructive
administration. Somaliland people should not let
president Riyale and his anti-Somaliland plot
associates defeat Somaliland State infamously for its
enemy through government-created devastating crises,
civil wars, and surrender. They should unitedly
defeat president Riyale and his Party UDUB, the ruling
party that purposefully betrayed Somaliland cause, in
the coming parliamentary elections before the clique
defeats Somaliland State and its independence for its
sworn enemy.

If the forceful removal of president Riyale from power
becomes necessary, which is disappointing but
unavoidable, the oppressive, repressive and subversive
offices and residential buildings of the tyrannical
regime of president Riyale should not remain safe
havens or hideouts any longer and Hargeisa, the
capital of Somaliland, should lead the charge for the
national salvation as these places are located in its
heart and the destructive process against Somaliland
independence is taking place in its center. Always
the people, the masses, rise up to bring down
reactionary or treasonous regimes when their existence
are threatened and bring saving political change and
relief to all. Because Somaliland existence and
independence are at stake, people must find another
rise of government led by carefully elected
progressive leader that defends the country and the
people from external aggressions of the enemy and
restores unity, stability, and democratic process that
treats all regions fairly, promising peace and
prosperity for all. Long Live Somaliland.

Written by: Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
Email: Ibrahim_hg@yahoo.com
Date: July 10, 2005.

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