Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Letter From Addis Ababa

Ali Abdi Mohamoud. — Abu Dhabi, UAE. — 15 August, 2005

Dear Concerned Somalilanders,

While some of you were still busy with your usual evening rounds of chewing, a lot of bad things have been carried out, behind your backs, by the sworn enemies of Somaliland. For example, what Haatuf News, Somalilandfuture, Radio Horyaal and Waaga-cusub have recently either published or broadcast in regards to Awil's secret meetings with Mr. Geedi of Somalia is an absolute fact. Though Awil still denies about the nature of these secret meetings, yet Geedi himself has not only admitted the case, but he has also indicated the fact that there is going to be other meetings of this nature in the near future. The meeting was not coincidental, either; it was a pre-planned meeting between the two officials, obviously with the tacit agreement of their bosses, as well: Riyale and Abdillahi. How do I know about all this?

On 16TH July, I was in transit at Addis Ababa on my way to Europe. This gave me the opportunity to go outside the Airport and meet some people in the city. During this time, I happened to meet a number of sojourners, who were both originally from Somliland and Somalia. And they all told that Somaliland's finance minister, Mr.Awil Ali Dualeh, was staying at the Addis Ababa Sheraton Hotel, waiting to meet soon with Prime Minister Geedi of Somalia, who was carrying a secret message for Mr. Riyale from Mr. Abdillahi Yussuf with regard to the future shape of federated Somalia and Somaliland states.Upon his arrival, Mr. Geedi had a number of clandestine meetings with the Somaliland's finance minister, each passing on his president’s message to the other official. And the underlying message that came out of their meetings had something to do with the future strategies that they would collectively employ in order to propagate, among their respective constituencies, for a future re-union between Somaliland and Somalia. I was told this as a first hand account, while I was briefly staying in Addis Ababa, and I have every reason to believe it.

And there is more. While I was still in Addis Ababa, I contacted one of the guys who was deeply involved with the meetings, and who also knew Mr. Geedi in person, just to verify the information that I had been receiving about the case. He told me a lot of believable stories about the meetings, and the most damaging one was that Awil told Geedi the following: "If his party, UDUB, loses the majority of the house seats in the upcoming parliamentary election, they [The UDUB government] will create a chaos in the country, which will result in a political instability in Somaliland, which will, in the long-run, eventually deliver the people of Somaliland into the hands of Somalia. What's their short-term strategy to achieve their goal? Mr. Riyale will soon go back home for a brief consultation with his constituency in Borama in the aftermath of an election defeat. Subsequently, he will contemplate on what immediate actions to take to destroy Somaliland. That is what Awil's secret meetings with Mr. Geedi of Somalia are all about.

Lastly, I am also told that Awil’s recent trip to Ethiopia had also to do with another matter of an equal importance: He was also there to negotiate for another secret financial contract between Riyale and a Saudi businessman of an Ethiopian origin, who wants to lease our oil tanks in Berbera. And the rental money from this contract will be funneled through Riyale and Awil' secret bank accounts outside the country. So, my dear Somalilanders, let's please pay a little more attention to Mr. Awil Ali Dualeh's secret deals about Somaliland with our enemies and ask him to explain himself before it gets too late. Let's all also pray for Somaliland, as she is now in the hands of the most morally corrupt, intellectually bankrupt and ideologically visionless bunch of rulers.

Yours Faithfully,
Ali Abdi Mohamoud.
Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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