Monday, September 26, 2005

We Are United Against Terrorism

Somaliland Times, Issue 192, Sep.24, 2005EDITORIAL
Somaliland has foiled yet another major terrorist attack. Obviously the operation was intended to create a situation of utmost havoc and despair in the lead up to two events both scheduled to take place in the last week of this month: the Sept 25 sentencing by Hargeysa regional court of 10 people suspected of killing aid workers between 2002 and 2004 as well as the Sept 29 parliamentary elections.

The terrorists’ dual target was, of course, to disrupt the country’s first legislative elections in over 35 years and blackmail the Somaliland government into freeing their comrades who could face the death penalty.

Considering the lethal nature of the large amount of weapons seized from them following Thursday’s raid by the Somaliland security forces on their hide-outs in Hargeysa, there is no doubt that the terrorists sought to stage their biggest attack in Somaliland so far That they failed this time around however doesn’t mean they will not try again in the future, as long as rich Wahabists from the Arabian Peninsula continue to pour money into the pockets of thugs like Hassan Aweys and Adan F. Eiro and Somaliland remains an unrecognized country. But the truth is that Somaliland’s march toward a fully-fledged democratic system of governance of its own cannot be slackened, let alone stopped, by a bunch of terrorists calling themselves Mujahideen.

In fact the only Mujahideen that this country has known are the SNM veterans who led the armed resistance against the Faqash government (Siyad Barre’s regime). Today’s terrorists are yesterday’s Faqash. That is why they hate free and independent Somaliland. That is also why these Faqash turned terrorists will never have sympathy among Somalilanders and are doomed to fail.

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