Monday, September 26, 2005

Elusive Terrorist Abdirahman Indho-Ade Finally In Police Custody

Somaliland Times, Issue 192, Sep.24, 2005

Elusive Terrorist Abdirahman Indho-Ade Finally In Police CustodyAt least 4 More Suspects Arrested After Thursday’s Gunbattle With Somaliland Security ForcesHargeysa, Somaliland, September 24, 2005 (SL Times) – Abdirahman Indho-Ade, one of the most wanted terrorists in the Horn of Africa was arrested yesterday by the Somaliland security forces. Indho-Ade was wounded in his right hand following a night raid by armed security police on a suspected terrorist hide-out in the most easterly part of Hargeysa city.

According to Somaliland police authorities, 4 more terrorist suspects were also arrested in this incident. Three police officers were wounded during the firefighting while an assortment of lethal weapons such as plastic anti-tank and anti-personnel landmines and remote-controlled exploding devices were seized. Included in the cache were also communication equipment, telephone mobiles, walkie talkis and video cassettes. However four terrorist suspects fled the scene of the raid which began around midnight Thursday.

Sources close to police investigators have confirmed to the Somaliland Times that the 5 suspects belonged to a Mogadisho-based terrorist group headed by Hassan Dahir Aweys, Aden Hashi Farah known as Eiro and Ahmed Abdi Godane. It is the same group that has been accused of planning and carrying out the 2003 assassination of Italian aid worker Annalena Tonelli and British teachers Dick and Enid Eyeington in Somaliland.

5 members of this group were arrested in March 19, 2003 for the killing of a Kenyan woman who worked as a consultant for the German aid agency, GTZ. The leader of this team called Jama Kuutiye had confessed to investigators that he went to Sheikh High School at Sheikh on reconnaissance missions several times before the killing of the Eyeingtons, but wasn’t part of the actual assassination squad. The information obtained led investigators to the arrest of 3 more main suspects in the case of the Eyeingtons murder. Three other suspects who were arrested in October 2003 following a day time robbery of money at Wajaale village were indicted for taking part in various terrorist related activities. One of these 3 was particularly accused of being an accomplice in the murder of Annalena Tonelli in October 5, 2003. Abdirahman Indho-Ade was the main suspect wanted for Tonelli’s murder. But he escaped arrest and remained at large until his capture on Friday.

According to investigators he was involved in the killings of the Eyeingtons, Annalena Tonelli and the Kenyan woman. From time to time Indho-Ade would come to Somaliland’s main cities and then slip back into Mogadisho, eluding his pursuers. He fled the house where he was hiding with other members of his team following the raid. He was caught on Friday some 135km to the east of Hargeysa. When Somaliland police chief Mohamed Ege said to him, “So you came back”, Indho-Ade replied, “Oh yes.” Neither of them seemed to be interested in saying anything further

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