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KULMIYE Party — Hargeisa, Somaliland — 24 September, 2005

KULMIYE Party reaffirms the following principles which guide its policies:
• That the public is the master of its destiny and that the government is only the servant and should serve with humility rather than with authoritarianism. KULMIYE also believes that it is incumbent upon the State to formulate ways and means to harness the creativity and the resourcefulness of its citizens for the common good.

• That the fundamental and Constitutional rights of the citizens political or otherwise should be respected.

• That the role of the government is to facilitate and not to frustrate the entrepreneurial spirit of the citizens; and with fewer taxes and regulations, the entrepreneurial ingenuity of the citizens is the shortest path to economic development.

• That the future of Somaliland’s economic strengths lies not in its meager natural resources but in the skills of its human capital; and that can only be achieved if we invest in the educational training and social welfare of our youth. Therefore, as an example, KULMIYE would mandate English as the medium of instruction.

• That fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency should be observed and those who betray the public trust should be dealt with according to the law,

• That KULMIYE is prepared to compete in a free and fair parliamentary elections and welcomes international poll observers,

• That the unconstitutional ban on private radio and television is contrary to the law of the land and is impediment to development, creativity and commerce and must be lifted immediately
• That an independent commission under a public broadcasting charter should be appointed to oversee the operation of Radio Hargeisa.

• That Somaliland should safeguard the rights of minorities and the marginalized.
• That KULMIYE would mandate public pension after five years service and would set aside a quota for women and the Gabooye

KULMIYE PARTY “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” Universal Deceleration of Human Rights(Article 1)
More freedom, and not less, is the road to prosperity. “KULMIYE Mantra”

JUDICIAL VIEWPOINT• Outlawing the unconstitutional Security Courts immediately.• Training legal staff to strengthen the judiciary• Appointing an independent Judiciary Review Board.• Strengthening the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.• Reinforcing the due process of the law.• Reaffirming the independence of our judiciary branch• Recruiting young talents from our Universities for the legal profession.

KULMIYE Party would:

• Streamline and restructure the taxation system to foster and facilitate economic growth and in the process rescind all unfair contracts issued without competition including Total Company’s monopoly over oil importation;
• Develop livestock and agricultural policies that enhance production and would explore other ways of marketing our livestock ;
• Explore fishery, mineral and water resources• Develop and initiate monetary and fiscal policies to control inflation;
• Redevelop Berbera port to accommodate containers to revitalize commerce
• Expand public education to rural areas.
• Welcome private Banks
• Empower the poor through micro credit


• Enact stringent laws and procedures that govern and protect the environment and wildlife.
• Preserving old growth trees and vegetation such as Qudhac and Gob trees.
• Giving priority to planting trees and encouraging the citizens to plant trees.
• Protecting valleys and hillsides from development and construction to prevent landslides and flooding.
• For a long term planning, plant new forests like cedar trees and for the shorter term plant eucalyptus trees.
Mass education about the benefits of environmental protection through the mass media and school curriculum.


• KULMIYE Party recognizes the important role women hold or can play in the socio-economic transformation of the country, and therefore;
• Pledges to include women in any government that the party forms;
• Pledges women representation in all levels of government;
• Will give priority to girls’ education up to university level, and to remove any barriers that they might face;

• Encourages women to participate in all levels of business and economic development;
• Attaches importance to mother and child and will invest in their health care.
KULMIYE Party abides by the constitution and the laws of the Republic of Somaliland and strives for the realization of true equality for all Somalilanders and believes that the people of Somaliland have an inalienable right to self determination. Advancing from this philosophy, KULMIYE Party fully respects the basic rights and freedom of the individual in conformity with the constitutional law, and takes additional responsibility in safeguarding these inalienable rights.

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