Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Editorial: Symbols Of a Dictatorship!

Editorial: Symbols of a dictatorship!

What are the symbols of a dictator? For many, what comes to mind is the absolute power a President or head of state has over the entire nation. But another one that many dismiss is the idea of welcoming a President when he arrives from foreign trips. Case in point is H.E Riyale's return trip.

Among the people present at the airport included innocent children pulled from their classrooms as well as group of women from women's organizations, not to mention those close to him in power. A country that has so little in terms of money has no business in wasting it on welcoming a President that probably won't even notice the faces lined up on the streets of the capital. The question is: why waste such few resources on such useless dictatorial custom? We wonder how many people are willing to go on their own to stand in the heat to welcome a President or other foreign dignitaries that visit the country for that matter? None other than those government ministers who have filled their bellies with the nation's meagre resources , I assure you!

Imagine lining up those innocent children at the airport as well as those women who would have stayed home to care for their loved ones. This is where Somaliland needs to make a difference if it wants to be a democratic country. Welcoming a President is the thing of the past and must be abolished. In turn, government would save the money spend on this unnecessary farce and maybe if used wisely might benefit the country. What a waste of time & energy!

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Yussuf said...

Afkaygaad kala soo baxday. Eeg maqaalkagya aan ka qoray arrintan qaldan!!!