Saturday, February 25, 2006

Lascanood voice ought to be heard correctly inside Somaliland cabinet

Three years after Lascanod specific status was swept aside by Puntland invasion,emerging reports of the besieged city should not be disregarded any more and call for an urgent crisis response. Not resolving the issue at the military headquarters is understandable, but to all intents and purpose, it seems that Somaliland has forgotten about its eastern district capital. Recent high profile visit to Lascanood of MP Indha Buur and his subsequent press conference in Hargeisa was the nearest any Somaliland official came to explicit comments on Lascanood matters. Making a personal point to the majority of Somaliland cabinet at a time of unaccustomed media interest,MP Indha Buur berated,and rightly so,superficial and spurious speculation about the similarities between Lascanooders and Puntland which are well grounded inside Somaliland cabinet.Far from helping fellow Somalilanders from Lascanood brazing out to Puntland military occupation, these assumptions, from what Indho Buur calls "Puntlandta Hargeysa",help Puntland lay claim and assert itself in Lascanood.

The recent developments reported by MP Indha Buur are heartbreaking at a time when Lascanood reached the climax of its domestic turmoil and while Puntland is increasingly bearing the brunt of public unrest. Last week, Cadde Musse visit led to an outburst of underreported violent demonstrations;visibly shaken of being jostled at,the general only spent two hours in the city and latter summoned Lascanood puppets leaders to a meeting in Garowe.

Meanwhile,faced with an endless military stalemate in Adhi Cadde and continuing oppression from Puntland (vaccination witheld,job discrimination,killings inside Garowe prison..), Lascanood splinters groups and bearer of the traditional Sool fighting spirit are decided to act decisively and last week show of discontent was undoubtedly was a simple dress rehearsal in an apt anticipation for the actual major showdown. While this popular outburst is brewing in Lascanood, Somaliland government has two choices; a no action passed off as defense of political pragmatism or a clear indication that indeed today we are all Lascanoders.

Faysal Diriye

Ottawa, Canada

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