Thursday, March 16, 2006

Look who is talking? A Traitor!

Look who is talking? A Traitor!

Ismael Hurre Bubbas interview publish in Haatuf newspaper lack substance and as a matter of fact is vile and out of taste. I will not comment on the entire interview but those parts of the interview that caught my attention, and I will like to draw to other reader’s attention the hidden message in Mr Bubba’s interview.

First of all Mr Ismael Bubba tries portrays himself as someone representing the interest of the people of Somaliland in Baidoa. That is not true, he represent nobody other than his greedy belly. He is a venal politician and a traitor of his people, a Judas Iscariot at his best true colour. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for some few silver coins. Mr Bubba and some of his fellow traitors like Dr Zero (sifir) have betrayed and sold their country and their people’s cause for few American Dollars and ministerial post in a phoney government which is none functioning.

Another issue Mr Bubba has raised in his interview is the issue of livestock export to Arab countries. He said and I quote him “Saudi Arabia will soon start importing livestock from Somalia and will only buy livestock with certificate issued by the Somali government”. Elaborating this point Mr Bubba pointed out that Somaliland should talk to the Somali government of which his a minister of regional cooperation. What he is tacitly implying is that, we as Somali Landers we should talk to a government that has been concocted in a place called Mbagathi, which is being led by a notorious and a bloodthirsty buffoon warlord called Abdilahi Yousuf, so that we can sell livestock to Saudi Arabia.

Here is my response to you Mr Bubba and that nefarious warlord who you and other traitors lick his boots. First of all we Somalilander are proud people, we are proud of our country, we are proud of recent history, our achievement and last but not least we are proud of liberation struggle of which Somaliland was liberated. We will never succumb to any threat or pressure and we will never sell our country the way did. So if your Buffoon warlord president who is your president and those Arabs who thing without them nobody else can survive conspired to dangle a carrot so that Somaliland can be woe back to the ill fated union, then you and you boss and those Arabs are living in a crazy and distorted reality.

Finally to the government of Saudi Arabia, I want to draw to your attention the following realities, we the people of Somaliland will never succumb to your ill conceived machinations. First you ban our livestock thinking Somaliland will never survive, alas to your dismay you realise that we have survived and progressed, and now you come up with this idea of buying livestock with Somali government certificate thinking that Somaliland will be tempted to succumb and hence forfeit its sovereignty. This will never work because when banned our livestock, there was never any single person in Somaliland who starved to death, as a matter of fact the people of Somaliland have their livestock which they get milk and meat and you have got your petrol-dollars. We will never sell our sovereignty and we will never betray ourselves just only for selling few head of cows to your country. Somaliland is here to stay and if any has a problem with this indisputable truth and reality you can go to hell, we don’t care even if we reach a point starvation we will never succumb and surrender our sovereignty.

Long live Somali Land

Nasir Omar Hirsi


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