Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Somaliland citizens rights versus abusers of office power

TO: Mr.Dahir Riyaale Kahin, H.E.The President of Somaliland.

Since this topic is not in my area of expertise, yet I have been compelled to express my opinion on a disgusting cynic politics initiated by one of the many UGLY ministers of Mr.Riyaales Government. These days, our mass-media were overwhelmed by a bizaar story that took place between an International NGO called CARE INTERNATIONAL and one of our many Ministers (50). I do not think that I will be wrong to assume that the minister involved believes that he is above the law of Somaliland; as a result of the fact his UNCLE happens to be H.E.Mr Dahir Riyaale Kahin. The way the minister in question instigated the case between CARE and that lovely lady WARRIS, makes me believe that he has a wrong impression about the state of affairs of Somaliland and most probably he has no clue about the art of government as a whole.

In the art of government you can not launch a fictitious investigation case on the INTENT of wrongly or rightly implicating an innocent citizen to loose a deserved privilege, evaluate the findings by yourself and at the same time conclude the verdict . Even in places where ugly Dictators rule or some of S.Somalia War-lords do constitute a body that approves whatever the boss wants and that is called RUBBER STAMP FUNCTION and this is more rational than what this young minister did. This again makes me believe that he can not distinguish between countries where RULE of law is mandatory and in such circumstances no one can be above the law including the chief Executive and other countries where jungle-laws are still in practice in the same way that Somaliland used to be administered, before liberators of SNM dismantled the Regime of Genocide and destruction in May 1991.

Personally, I have no grudge for the Minister’s immoral and distasteful behavior, but I have a grudge for you as my Elected President in appointing such a neurotic character with very poor background of education and experience to one of the most challenging responsibilities of the Ministry of Planning for a country recovering from multitude of traumas, destruction from dirty civil-wars, failed state anarchy related social and economic upheavals, uncertainties and just about to complete peace building processes and rehabilitation activities with a populations who lost their educated persons to the outside world to fend for themselves and remit remaining savings back to their relatives and friends back-home. This reminds me Mr. President, a saying from former colonial Governor of British Somaliland, ‘it will not be easy to expect or transform someone with a modest background of experience of managing a butcher-shop to become effective in shouldering the demanding responsibilities of a King’. As his uncle you could have helped him in many others ways, instead of overloading him with responsibilities that he could not accommodate on the grounds of his limited capacity and vision in absorbing or understanding what you have asked him to deal with.

I do really feel sorry for his pathetic situation, because I do not believe that his INTENT was to abuse his official power as Minister of Planning to infringe constitutional and human rights of his fellow citizens for personal political uplift, but most probably your INTENT was to damage the political good-will of one of your Uncle’s opponents. Assuming that my gut feeling is correct, you are absolutely wrong in believing that you could achieve something beneficial to your cause. As a matter of fact the political good-will of the husband of your victim has risen to an abnormal level, as a result of our peoples disgust with your mean, degrading, un-gallantry and insulting behavior to lovely lady, wife, sister, mother and one of the fist-patch of highly educated Somaliland women who happen to be also among the most-highly respected individuals in our country and among the ROLE MODELS of my golden girls i.e. ayniho.

This case should be dealt in a legal system where fair-trial in a court of true justice and not in a court of the blind/or black-market justice that you & your fellow other UGLY ministers would have loved to install, if our parliamentary elections were not conducted peacefully in multi-party democratic system. However, prior to the process of the case between the parties in conflict, your constitutional immunity as The Minister of Planning should be removed by the President of Somaliland on the merits of Articles of our constitution 22,23,24 &25, after consulting his chief Legal Advisor i.e. Office of the Attorney Genera of Somaliland. Your Excellency, I have been informed that some of your other ministers were also involved. In similar deplorable behavior against our civilians and in one case to a minor, please do not re-appoint them to your new cabinet team, unless their respective cases are re-activated and equitable punishments have been served against them in accordance with our laws.

Your Excellency, please do not let this brotherly advice be misinterpreted by some of our colleagues, who always like to benefit from un-decisive government business that get bogged down to confrontational tug- of- war like year 2004 & 2005, in which we wasted precious time on 3 simple issues that was not absolutely worth more than 10% of the resources we have spent. This incident was absolutely un-called for in a country recovering from unhealed wounds as a result of the unfortunate dirty civil wars that costed us loss of lives, properties and un-imaginable psychological traumas. This act was very irresponsible, idiotic and its manifestations demonstrated very bitter and physical hatred, which can easily attract an equal manifestation of hatred from another irresponsible person from the supporters of the defensive side for the HECK of it like an idiot who is not using his brain, but using well his muscle like BULL. As you are aware Your Minister was involved into many ugly and un-popular corruptive activities from the he returned to his lovely mother country, which I am sure have embarrassed you as the President of the nation and of course as a relative of yours. On the basis of the grounds stated in this article, I am requesting your honor that you initiate the most equitable action on this unacceptable case at your earliest opportunity, so as to curtail unnecessary developments including personal securities, since he behaved like thuggish warlord.

With due respect to our differences of opinion, I believe Mr. President, you & I, should behave within the frame work of the laws of our country in an equal manner & terms. If you are not in dispute with this statement, please process required official procedures as the chief executive of this nation in letting your nephew face the music of the RULE OF LAW for his miss-carriage of the law and abuse of his official capacity as Minister of Planning. Please be assured your Excellency, my highest consideration to at most times, with the exception when I believe that some of your actions are not in compliance with laws of our country and also not serving the interests of our citizens. Let us hope for the best and let us always wish that Justice & Truth Triumphs and let us fight blind-justice. May Allah guide us all to the right direction?

Mr.Ahmed M.Gedi (sanjab)

Secretary General SLD Justice & Welfare Party (UCID).

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