Friday, March 31, 2006

Somaliland Forum slams Yemeni Times biased coverage

Somaliland ForumRef: SF EC MRG PR # 15 3/31/2006

Somaliland ForumRef: SF EC MRG PR # 15 3/31/2006Somaliland Forum slams Yemeni Times biased coverageThe Yemeni Times newspaper recently published an article [Efforts to release Yemeni fishermen held in Somalia, March 26, 2006] regarding the apprehension of the Yemeni fishermen who were fishing illegally in the waters of Somaliland.

Instead of printing the facts, as any legitimate newspaper would, the Yemeni Times chose to disseminate factually erroneous account and unethically attacked the Sovereignty of the Republic of Somaliland. Somaliland is an independent nation with recognized boundaries and an elected government. Somaliland favors peaceful coexistence with all her neighbors and has never shown aggression towards any nation.

But make no mistake, if Somaliland territory is violated in any way, Somaliland will act and act decisively as demonstrated by halting the illegal expedition by the Yemeni fishermen.

The fishermen were violating Somaliland waters (not Somalia waters) by poaching in the jurisdiction of a sovereign State and as a result were rightfully seized.

Yemeni Times irresponsibly asserted the fishermen were “kidnapped” in a "piracy" operation by the Coast Guard of Somaliland. Regrettably, the editors of the Yemeni Times have allowed their paper to become a propaganda print machine.

The newspaper’s diatribe does little to advance friendly bilateral relations between two nations that have more in common. Yemeni Times would credibly serve its readership by differentiating fact from fiction and that credibility starts with an apology and getting both sides of the story

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