Saturday, April 22, 2006

Why our Donkeys are so Racist, so Fascist, so Stupid and so Fool?

Author: Bushara Ahmed Gumaa, President of Darfur Friends Association (DFA)April 22, 2006, E-mail:

Why so many people have died for nothing?Why our children have to weep and cry?Why the genocidal omar Al-Bashir love hatred instead of love? And Why his heart is so cruel and so dry?


Why Sudan is always mistreated by tyrants?Why many Sudanese immigrants renounce our nationality as soon as they can?


Why our country is so big, so beautiful and so rich, but we're so poor? And why our passort under Al-Intikas' regime closes many doors?


Why our donkeys are so racist, so fascist, so stupid and so fool?And why their dogs are so agressive, so mad and so bad?


Why the spirit of October's revolution has disappeared? And Why some Sudanese journalists kneel down to the criminal dictator Omar Al-Bashir and praise him like HAKAMAT? And why they are so opportunist like parasites and so submissive like lambs?


Why the genocide is still going on in Darfur?Why we're suffering from Aches and pains for so long, but the UN just watches and talks?


Why the Rwandan genocide had happend before the International Forces' eyes? And why genocides in Africa are inevitable?



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