Friday, May 12, 2006

Saleebaan “Nuur”: Who Is He And What Kind Of “Nuur” Does He Bear?

The intrepid people of Somaliland now realize the colossal blunder they made in the 2003 presidential elections and are already reaping the fruits of their massive misjudgement and are now up to the neck with the guilt, shame, and pains associated with their presidential choice and for electing Mr. Dahir Riyaale Kahin, an unqualified, inexperienced, inept, mediocre, corrupt, nepotistic, phoney, liar, and a weak and slow to learn president with a dark history. Therefore, whatever seeds of discord this phoney president plant or the ills he continues to spread in the land are not knew or news or a surprise to the citizenry anymore. It is as if the people expect the worst from him all the time and resigned to continue licking their wounds and move on until such time that his tenure ends or resigns on his own accord or is impeached so that the winds of change could once again blow in the lands.

But what the poor and trusting people of Somaliland did not know is Mr. Saleebaan Mohamud Adan, the Chairman of the Guurti (House of Elders), an equally phoney leader, hypocritical rogue, scoundrel, pretender Elder, masquerader nationalist, wannabe maverick politician, power hungry, and a double-dealer demagogue that had all along been eyeing the seat of the presidency since he returned to Somaliland! In addition, what they did not know is that whether you baptize him to Saleebaan Mohamud to Saleebaan “Gaal” to Saleebaan “Nuur” to Haji Saleebaan to Chairman of the Guurti, a leopard cannot change its spots therefore Saleebaan remains to be the same Saleebaan – the phoney, greedy, masquarader, and double-dealer.

Although some Somalilanders particularly those of his own kin and kith as well as those in Odweyne who thought they knew him well who somewhat forgave him of his past crimes who even endorsed him to ascend to the seat of Chairmanship, which was then, a reputable and prestigious post in the House of Elders, what they did not know all along was that Saleebaan “Nuur” bears no light but, a sheer darkness that has now come to the surface and in the open by his latest actions.

What happened on Sunday, May 06, 2006 in which he conspired with the president as well as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court to disregard the democratic ethics and norms and the Constitution and the laws of land and to unlawfully and illegitimately circumvent the national election processes and to unconstitutionally increase the tenure of the Guurti and his own for 4 (four) more years to the year 2010 is the mother of all breach of the Constitution and the laws of the land in Somaliland. The deception of the trio as well as their pretentious argument they base on the illegitimate increment of the tenure of the Guurti and their own is hollow, absolutely unacceptable, and it will not stand.

In comparison, it is widely believed that the damage that the current president, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Interior, the Minister of Planning, the Minister of Information, the Police Commissioner, the Chairman of Guurti, the Supreme Court Justice, and others have inflicted on the cause, people, and state of Somaliland on the inside is far greater than the damage caused on the outside by foreign enemies such as Boutros Boutros Ghali, Gheele of Djibouti, Abdiqasim Boy, Abdullahi Yusuf, ONLF Terrorists, and others as well as that caused by countrymen traitors such as Kaluun, Buubaa, Sifir, Jama Yare, and others!!

Nevertheless, in this case, the buck stops at the desk of the Chairman of the Guurti therefore he is responsible and accountable for conspiring and collaborating with his other two UDUB party rogue comrades, for trying to set back the forward moving democratic clock, for damaging the reputation; prestige, and neutrality of the Guurti (House of Elders) and for attempting to plunge this poor, unrecognized, and struggling people and state into unnecessary constitutional crisis and a possible political turmoil and instability in the Republic of Somaliland, the bastion of peace and beacon of democracy in the Horn of Africa region.


Impeach the president.

Form an interim coalition government immediately.

Appoint a new Supreme Court Justice immediately.

Establish a Constitutional Court.

Disband the current deceptive and defiant members of the Guurti for their wanton disregard of the Democratic norms and ethics, for their sheer breach of the Constitution and the laws of the land, for attempting to sabotage the reputation; neutrality, and viability of the Guurti (House of Elders), an important national institution, and for endangering the Peace and Security, and stability of the state.

The selection process of the new members of the Guurti should be based on the percentages each political party achieved in the latest parliamentary elections, while considering the importance of the clan and regional representations.

The election bill for the Guurti currently before the House of Representatives should be passed immediately.

Farah Ali Jama,

Ottawa, Canada.

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