Sunday, June 25, 2006

Editorial-Waridaad: End of TFG

(Waridaad)-21 years of brutal dictatorship coupled with 16 years of mayhem and lawlessness has come to a sudden halt. The benefactors and the sympathizers alike were shocked at the unexpected change. The warlords, who divided the capital and the rest of southern Somalia into fiefdoms, concocted, with the help of US, what they called the “Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT)” to counter balance the growing influence of the Islamists militia.

After the fall of Mogadishu, the silent drums of the TFG have come to life once again and Abdillahi’s dream to become the president of Somalia finally has been realized. Abdillahi Yusuf started dictating that he would not talk to the Islamists until they recognized his government and gave up all the territories they had seized and to lay down their weapons. The first group who responded to the TFG beat were, Ali Abdullah Salah of Yemen and The Peace and Security Council (PSC) of the African Union (AU), who made a desperate plea to deploy troops to safe-guard the Somalia's embattled transitional government in Baidoa.

The Islamic Courts union, after the defeat of the beastly secular warlords, immediately distant themselves and denied to have any links with any foreign terrorist groups. The new face they projected was that of a moderate cleric and the chairman of the ICU, Sheikh Shariif Sh. Ahmed. To counter the TFG’s rhetoric, the ICU agreed to hold talks with the government and signed the Khartoum Accord, recognizing the government of Abdillahi Yusuf, which silenced the TFG’s loud drums and their discourse to allow foreign troops in, to pave the way for Abdillahi’s hegemony.

Abdillahi Yusuf and Said Barre’s remnants have played their final card. The ICU has politically and morally marginalized the embattled TFG government and has ended Said’s remnants inspiration to rule the country once again.

Ahmed Quick

Waridaad Media Centre

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