Sunday, June 18, 2006

Pro Puntland Laascanooders political demise

Needless to say, the sweeping military victories of the Islamic Court Union has deeply changed political discourses across the map. It is now common to see lifetime promoters of the Somali "unity", "homogeneity" adopt a resolutely regionalist stance. For the last 15 years Puntland has presented itself as the standard bearer of the advocacy for a strong and centralized Somali government. Even if this hypocritical stance was all about introducing by the back door remnants of the Siad Barre regime, the propaganda stemming from it help achieved the lifelong presidential dream of Abdillahi Yusuf. To Yalahow calling on Hassan Abshir to go back to Garowe, Somali unity propagandist downplayed Somali regionalism and contemptuously attached to Somaliland the label of Somalidiid.

But that was then. Thursday, the deputy interior minister of Puntland Ibrahim Haji Bakin stated that "we have nothing in common with Mogadisho". So much for the tired concept of Somali unity. In the process, the Puntland minister went on to shatter Somali Unionist icon by saying "we still remember the damage by Sayid Mohamed Abdule Hassan to Harti clan of Darod tribe and initially he come to us to defend the Islamic religion…" While the mythology of the great Somali hero instantly voted itself out of existence , we wonder why Puntland forces are still called after Sayid Mohamed Daraawiish..

At the same time, the popular website went to great length to demonstrate the cultural differences between Somalia and Puntland before calling on Puntlandlanders to reawaken the Harti identity and to defend their "superiority"

So where all this leaved the Pro Puntland Lascanooders. The dogged defenders of the Darawish movement seem dealt a deadly blow and promised to political demise.

Faysal Diriye


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