Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rebuttal Of: An Appeal to the Secretary-General of the African Union in Response to the ICG Report

You’re Excellency,

An old saying states that, “Evil Flourishes When Good Men Are Quiet.” Therefore, the meaningless and slanderous letter titled, “An Appeal to the Secretary- General of The African Union in Response to the ICG Report” by the unknown and so-called “The Unionists of Northern Somalia (UNS),” which is dated on June 3, 2006, and posted on some hostile and tribal Somalia websites that are suspected to be finance by the criminal “Beast-Man” Warlords of Somalia will not go unchallenged. (Refer to the letter by clicking on:

It is evident that the misconception and argument of this shadowy group and their petty attempt to poke holes at the solid, highly accurate, and reliable ICG report titled, “Somaliland: Time For African Union Leadership” is merely the assertion that the report “…stands for non other than dismembering our country—the Somali Republic” without providing further explanation or shedding more light on the issue or even substantiating their sweeping statement, which is utterly meaningless; silly, and deplorable. Consequently, it is clear that the group’s desperation and futile attempt to further malign the invaluable report without, again, putting forward concrete facts or evidence have led them to resort to badmouthing the world famous Think Tank organization, its staff, and contributors by boldly stating that “We believe the African Department of the ICG has lost its credibility on the question of Somalia. The ICG Report, we believe, is mainly contaminated by the influence of individuals such as Suliman Baldo and Matt Bryden.” I wonder if they are aware of their misconduct and libelous claims!

On the other hand, as their frustrations mounted to a feverish level since they could not find any logical grounds to support their argument or credibly criticize the solid ICG report, they chose to deviate from the topic at hand and embarked on to their familiar muddy, odious, and tribalism terrain and field of their expertise such as the cheap smear tactics, perpetuation of tribalism, sowing discord and division, and hatemongering even against the highly distinguished Suliman Baldo and Matt Bryden including their spouses/families as well as the entire Isaaq clan, the dominant ethnic group in Somaliland as it is evident on their shamelessly assertion that “It is noteworthy that the latter of these two individuals is married to ‘Somaliland’, and particularly into a ‘zip code’, which staunchly supports the secession. Both these individuals have, in the past, openly drummed up support for secession of ‘Somaliland’, and, therefore, the dismemberment for the Somali Republic.”! In addition, they proceeded with their sheer disrespect, verbal abuse, and misconduct by further stating that “Marrying into a different nationality offers a lot of opportunities to both sides, but does not, should not include, helping to dismember the entity into which one marries. Indeed, with all its benefits, marriage does not, should not, necessarily become a ticket to cause havoc and turmoil in one’s new community of in-laws.” I wonder, again, what marriage has to do with the ICG report and the Somaliland and Somalia predicament!

Nonetheless, the statement that “Marriage should not either be exploited as an opportunity to destructively delve into the affairs of the nation of one’s in-laws with a view to fulfill inbred or unwittingly acquired imperialistic tendencies and objectives by individuals, such is what Mr. Matt Bryden’s actions reflect” signifies the hollowness of their twisted minds, bankrupt position, racial inferiority complex, mediocrity of the group, incivility, and empty hubris. In addition, their envy laden language and tone is a testament to their imprudence, intolerance, and disrespect to others particularly to those smarter than them such as these two distinguished Think Tanks.

For your information, these three unappreciative and reckless individuals who masquerade as an organization who jointly authored the meaningless letter to you are members of the minority groups whose staunch and blind support of the fascist and tyrannical military regime of the deposed Dictator Gen. Mohamed Siad Bare who, at the period, was implementing an all out take-no-prisoner, scotch earth policy, and waging a genocidal war against the Isaaq Clan in Somaliland, earned them the designation of “The Kin of the Revolution.” Although the Somali National Movement (SNM) routed the barbaric regime, it chose not revenge on the supporters of the defeated regime as happened in other countries such as in Afghanistan, Rwanda, Uganda, etc. Instead it vigorously protected them humanly and gave them an unconditional blanked amnesty regardless of their past crimes in the interest of the people and state. And since then, peace and tranquility and development have prevailed in Somaliland. However, even though the majority of the minority groups are loyal to the cause and existence of Somaliland since the president happens to hail from their communities, a few hecklers such as the so-called “Unionists of Northern Somalia” who are suspected to be under the payroll of the criminal “Beast-Man” Warlords of Somalia and their cohorts continue to huff and puff with hatred, predict gloom and doom, and bark in the wilderness particularly in the Diasporas.

You’re Excellency, the uncivil behaviour of this shadowy group reminds me of another equally old African (Swahili) proverb that states, “Dua La Kuku Halimpati Mwewe”, which means “The Curse of the Chicken Does Not Befall on the Eagle.” And no matter how many times the chicken curses the eagle, the eagle will continue to swoop down on its prey and make a meal of them and their young chicks. Likewise, the curse of the chicken-like “Unionists of Northern Somalia” will not befall on neither Somaliland nor the highly distinguished Suliman Baldo and Matt Bryden and their families. And no matter how many times these envious group and their cohorts curses them, Somaliland will continue to exist and the two gentlemen will continue to monitor world hot spots in the usual professional, ethical, and fair manner and compile their findings into a fair, accurate, and reliable reports for the international community.

Overall, the rest of the letter of this shadowy group is nonsensical and disposable to the extent that it does merit to be commented on. In addition, it is evident that the shadowy group has no legitimate argument and basis to criticize the highly credible, accurate, and reliable ICG report. And the trio foxy, mean, and vindictive individuals: Ali Ibrahim Bahar, Musa Yusuf, and Mohsin Mahad who authored the letter to you are, nothing other than, the usual tribalist hecklers and hate mongers. And they are indeed, sore losers therefore they do not deserve any attention since they do not represent anyone particularly in Somaliland.

Farah Ali Jama,

Ottawa, Canada

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