Saturday, June 10, 2006

Somaliland On Tam Tam Express: Audio Interview.

Recently the International Crisis Group issued a timely report with the title: “Somaliland, Time for African Union leadership”. The report called on the African Union to name a senior envoy to consult with key players and report back to the African Union’s Peace and Security Council. In addition, the report called on the AU’s Peace and Security Council to familiarize its members with the case of Somaliland . Finally it calls on the AU, meanwhile, to grant Somaliland interim observer status. In this edition of Tam Tam Express, Is it fair to keep Somaliland hostage to events in Mogadicio and the surrounding areas or should Somaliland be rewarded for creating stability and democratic governance out of a part of the chaos that is the failed state of Somalia?

With these guests Tam Tam will unravel these sensitive yet important issues on the Horn Of Africa.

Persons interviewed:

1. Minister Abdillahi Mohamed Dualeh, Minister Of Information

2. Vice President, International Crisis Group

3. Iqbal Jhazbhay, Institute for Security Studies

Thanks to Ottawa-Somalilanders Group, who forwarded this piece to Waridaad Blog.

To listen please click the link below:


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