Thursday, July 27, 2006

Somaliland Calls To Be Included in All UN Decisions Concerning Somalia's Future

Chairman of Kulmiye Party Ahmed Sillanyo and UCID Party Chairman Faisal Warabe held a press conference in Hargeysa warning against an eventual war with Somalia unless the international community does not respect the territorial integrity of Somaliland or settle the Somaliland question. They called the UN to include Somaliland in all decisions concerning Somalia's future.

Current TFG president of Somalia was a former president of the neighboring autonomous Puntland which claims to seek unity with Somalia and facing a military confrontation with Somaliland over the East Sool province. On the basis of colonial boundaries East Sool belong to Somaliland, however Puntland is determined to hold this region according to its tribal affiliations.

Experts foresee an advantage for Puntland in any future confrontation as they enjoy significant support from IGAD countries including Ethiopia and Yemen. Hence the call from Somaliland to be included in all decisions concerning Somalia's future and call for the toning down of language used by the UN such as that concerning territorial integrity of Somalia as "sacrosanct". Somaliland argues Somalia to have been the name of the Italian colony and not including the British Protectorate which was known as Somaliland.

Faisal Waraabe - Chairman of UCID Party "we strongly condemn the influx of weapons to Abdullah Yusuf militias and the Puntland administration " said the press release.

Latest developments were caused after a UN security council backed the lifting of arms embargo against the "Transitional Federal Government" to apparently strengthen its forces and the security of its base in Baidao against Islamic Courts whom threatened to invade Baidao. However, Somaliland officials believe the clanocracy of the Puntland fiefdom may take this opportunity to use the new supplied weapons against Somaliland thereby bringing the Somalia conflict to Somaliland.

The opposition groups vehemently condemned the IGAD countries for advocating warlordism and to working towards the destruction of Somaliland's fledging democracy and young state. Hopes of IGAD countries remaining impartial is unlikely as Transitional Federal Government is not willing to engage dialogue with Somaliland considered to be a "secessionist state".

Somaliland unilaterally declared succession from the rest of Somalia in May 1991. Former British Protectorate of Somaliland joined with the Italian colony of Somalia in the 1st of July 1960. Somalia has been without a central government for the last 15 years.

Source: Somaliland Times

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