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The House of Representatives: Don’t Just Talk the Talk; Walk the Walk to Save Somaliland

The House of Representatives: Don’t Just Talk the Talk; Walk the Walk to Save Somaliland

In accordance with the recent Open Letter addressed to Honourable Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi, MP, Speaker of the House of Representative titled, “Exposing The Plot Of The Minister Of Mineral And Water Resources And Rova Energy Corporation Limited To Plunder Hydrocarbon Resources Of Somaliland” by Mohamed Yusuf Ali, BSc, MSc, PGCE, FGS, Ph.D., and Ahmed Ali, BEng (hons), MSc, DIC, Ph.D., which was dated on July 31, 2006, it is evident that with the blessing of the President, the Minister of Mineral and Water Resources has signed secret agreements and awarded illegal contracts and sold off the key hydrocarbon resources of Somaliland to various fictitious foreign companies and mediocre brokers and unknown individuals for an undisclosed amounts of monies in order to line up their pockets and that of their cronies.
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Although the stated fictitious companies and brokers and individuals have long violated the terms and conditions of their secret agreements, which had not been brought before the House and ratified, and have done nothing to act upon these agreements to-date, they are still hanging there happily as if nothing has ever happened. And this is because they have the blessings of the president and the Minister of Mineral and Water Resources.

Worse still, it has clearly been revealed that these fictitious companies and brokers and individuals neither possesses the capital and the capacity to implement the required duties as claimed in regards to the terms and conditions of the secret agreements signed nor possesses the technology, expertise, equipment, and experience to do the required job!!

Nevertheless, things are not just happening out of the blue and there are indications that there is a sinister motive at play here. And it is clear for all to see and realize the magnitude and scope of criminal activities unfolding before our eyes.

In fact, the allocations of the key Hydrocarbon Resources sites to fictitious companies and brokers and individuals are:

a) Part of a clandestine money generating scheme through fraudulent means.

  • b) A clear national sabotage stripping off the country’s ability to tap into its Hydrocarbon Resources.

  • c) A callous envious move to deny the people and the country to benefit from their natural resources in the near future, and

  • d) Part of a treasonous and hidden agenda to sell off all the significant Hydrocarbon Resources sites to fictitious investors in order to drive away or block authentic investors from ever entering the field or market.

    As you are aware, our natural resources are part and parcel of our cause and national security and an important component of our very survival as a people and state and a means for the development of our country and the wellbeing of our citizenry as well as a key bargaining chip in regards to our quest for international recognition. Therefore, any administration or government officials or companies or individuals who attempts to tamper with or endanger or plunder or pillage our natural resources particularly the Hydrocarbon Resources must be dealt with immediately and brought to justice or be eliminated by any means necessary.

    As a result, the actions of the President and the Minister Of Mineral and Water Resources in entering secret agreements with fictitious foreign companies or mediocre brokers or individuals and for plundering our Natural Resources unabatedly is the mother of all scandals, an audacious corruption of the highest order, an egregious crime, and a flagrant violations of the Constitution and Laws of the land—that is, tantamount to national sabotage and High Treason.

    For these reasons and many more, the people of Somaliland have lost total confidence with the empty arrogance of President Riyaale and his inept, corrupt, and bloated administration as well as the conspiracy of silence, aiding and abetting of treasonous crimes, indifference, and the devil-may-care attitude of UDUB—the ruling party, and would hereby strongly urge the House of Representatives to stand up to these saboteurs and thugs in the defence of the people and country, and to confront their ever mounting brazen onslaught on the Constitution and the laws of the land and to end the misery of the citizenry emanating from total stagnation at all fronts or the lack of general political, economic, and social developments and to abort the ongoing plunder or pillage of the natural resources of the country particularly the Hydrocarbon Resources and to terminate the endangerment to our cause, national security, and sovereignty by any means necessary and to restore sanity, transparency in government, democracy, and good governance and the rule of law in the land.

    The intrepid people of Somaliland are truly up to the neck with anger and they can not take anymore the nonsense of this mediocre president with a dark past and his subservient cohorts. And as an admonition or reminder, Bobby Kennedy stated, “When peaceful revolution is impossible violent revolution is inevitable.”

    And to avoid this kind of a scenario as per Bobby Kennedy to ever revisit our people and country again, the House of Representatives must not just talk the talk but, walk the walk by exercising their constitutional powers in order to save our people, cause, and existence of Somaliland.

    Therefore we, demand that you take all necessary measures to bring to justice the President and the Minister of Mineral and Water Resources and their cohorts immediately.


    1. Issue a final official notice to the President to reveal the nature and scope of all the secret agreements he entered with foreign governments and organizations and individuals on behalf of the people and state of Somaliland.

  • 2. The President and the Minister of Mineral and Water Resources and the former Minister of Planning must provide the House with all the copies of these agreements, related documentation, and financial and material benefits received from these transactions including the Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) recently concluded in Kenya within three weeks (21 days) with effects from the period he was inaugurated as president and the period the Ministers were appointed to-date.

  • 3. Summon the Minister of Mineral and Water Resources to appear before the House immediately to explain his dealings with the stated fictitious foreign companies and brokers and individuals and to provide copies of the secret agreements signed, all the related documentations, and monies received from these transactions.

  • 4. Render null and void all illegal agreements signed secretly by the President and the Minister of Mineral and Water Resources and other Ministers that have not been awarded in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of the land and brought before the House of Representatives for scrutiny and for ratification.

  • 5. Impeach the President for failure to act accordingly on these serious national matters within the required three week (21 day) period.

  • 6. Prosecute the President and the Minister of Mineral and Water Resources and all other Ministers or officials who have been found to have plundered and illegally benefited from our natural resources particularly the Hydrocarbon Resources.

  • 7. Pass a Bill to off balance any future litigations by foreign governments, companies, brokers, and individuals that states: We, the people and the state of Somaliland will not be held responsible for any financial loss or damages to material or loss of opportunity or loss of time incurred resulting from the terminated agreements and contracts secured through unconstitutional or unlawful means and any other agreements that has not been ratified by the House of Representatives and such claims if may arise shall be directed to the parties responsible or the individuals they entered secret agreements with.

    Farah Ali Jama,
  • Ottawa, Canada


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