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KULMIYE’s Thoughts About The Size Of The Cabinet – The Internal Debate

Kulmiye-UK — London, UK — 21 August, 2006
The beauty about Somaliland, as a free and democratic nation, is that we have the right to debate about how our country should be governed. Unlike many of our neighbours, totalitarianism will never be appreciated in the Republic of Somaliland. This is one of the many reasons why we should continue to be proud citizens of this cool country, whilst wishing all the best for those who are yet to emerge from dark ages.

However, our democratic achievements does not mean that we should welcome whatever the incumbent government prescribes with us, as a means of elevating the standard of living of our nation. Instead, this precious freedom bestows upon us the right to question and debate about how to make Somaliland a better place in which to live and raise our children.

Whilst bearing in mind the foregoing, ponder about that 4 year old girl born and raised in Duruqsi, whose family does not have the means with which to afford her the basic rights that she is entitled to as a child born under the tricolour elegant flag of our nation. She was sent to bed last night without having a proper supper. Whilst deep in sleep, she had a dream about what her future would be. And in that dream she had no hope of getting any assistance from the incumbent government of her beloved land, Somaliland.

She wakes up in the morning without the hope of getting a decent breakfast that supplies her with the basic nutrition that she needs to have as a child born in the 21st century. Her chances of going to a nursery or pre-school classes are completely zero, even though the constitution of our beloved land, for which her parents voted, grants her the right to free education up to the age of 18. Her mother looks into her eyes, as the beautiful little girl gazes at the eye-catching scenery of the sunshine illuminating at the horizon, and gives her the only hope that she could, which is to teach her how to assist her in accomplishing her house work.

In a nutshell, this breathtaking girl in our beloved land will have no other option but to continue living the way our people lived over the last 600 years! And this saga is repeated across all the cities, towns, villages and rural areas of our beloved Mandeeq – i.e. Somaliland.

An interesting twist to the foregoing tale is that the incumbent leadership of our nation came up with what appears to be a strange and latent doctrine with which to solve the aforementioned account. This bizarre doctrine, which we, as Somalilanders, should all support if it is reasonable, states that if we create a large cabinet that each tribe had a representative, than the children of our country would be happier! This interesting quiescent doctrine implies as long as there is a peace, there is a success and what we should be talking about is how clever the incumbent administration have manipulated the balance of the tribal beasts!

Sorrowfully, as most of our presumable elite debate about the oversized executive branch of our nation and the impact it will have on the stability of our country, our children, the future of our nation, teeter under the weight of this absurd doctrine. Shockingly, this issue appears to have some sort of similarities with Ken Kesey’s novel of 1962, “One flew over Cuckoo’s nest”, where the mental house inmates would not even walk free if the gates are open, as they become so dependent on that tyrannical nurse, who rules them. In our case, the tyrannical nurse is the absurd doctrine that concentrates on appeasing the tribal beast and the inmates are the citizen of Maandeeq.

Nevertheless, do not suppurate in sorrow as the beautiful news that I have for you, as citizens of Somaliland, is that while our nation debates about this eccentric doctrine, KULMIYE encourages its members to debate about how we could free the mentality of the inmates from the dependency factor that is still keeping them in the shocking state of believing in the appeasement of the scrounging tribal beast is the best way to develop our nation!
The audacious internal debate within KULMIYE’s members is that this incongruous doctrine, which the current administration appears to have inherited from the previous ones, should be turned upside down. New thinking is needed and our academicians and intellectuals should be encouraged to look into the best way we could liberate our nation from this aggravating and menacing parasite that even our beloved country’s constitution does not recognise as a necessity for the development of our country.

KULMIYE acknowledges the irrefutable fact that it is a national duty incumbent upon the three political parties to ensure that every step is taken with which to ensure that this scrounging tribal beast disappears from the political landscape of our nation. KULMIYE also acknowledges every human being needs to feed his/her craving for national heroes and that this role should not be allowed to be easily filled by members of the executive branch of our country.
After all, when a child is born, he cries for milk and then food. As time goes by he reaches adulthood, where he will endeavour to find and relate to whoever created him. Those who are lucky enough to be born in faith just click onto that faith so as to satisfy what Democritus, Plato, Aristotle and old Greek philosophers used to look for. And those who are not born into proper faith may continue to look into many different objects as their creator.

Likewise, KULMIYE’s internal debate acknowledges that there is a need to give the citizens of our beloved country, Somaliland, national heroes that have nothing to do with the tribal beast. Instead, these national heroes should be those who have given the best they had for their nation. Their names and status should occupy Somaliland’s would-be National Heroes/Heroines Squares; build in Somaliland’s city centres.

Every boy and girl born in Somaliland should be allowed to have his/her hero in a format that does not distort the right way to address Somaliland’s pressing needs. This will simply eradicate the need to feel great when a man of your tribe becomes a minister. It would also force the current leaders of our nation to think about how they could earn a place in Somaliland’s would-be “National Heroes/Heroines Squares,” thus, bringing to an end the continuation of the absurd doctrine that favours the scrounging tribal beast.

Furthermore, KULMIYE’s vivid internal debates heat up to the point where some of the honourable members, who firmly embraced the noble endeavour of making Somaliland a better place in which to live, are now narrowing their option to either 24 or 12 cabinet members could deliver what Somalilanders desire and any thing more than that would just waste the resources of our beloved nation.

After all, KULMIYE does not believe in the illusion that the national security of the country is only about keeping peace among the public and that social security is about spying on the citizens. And in order to achieve this, the absurd doctrine must be utilised forever.

Instead, the political arena which KULMIYE affords to its members allows the debaters to give the rightful definition that social security should be limited on declaring war on the three major enemies of mankind: starvation, decease and illiteracy. And should KULMIYE have been ruling the nation today, our children, no matter where they are in our beloved land, would have been protected from these three enemies of mankind.

The foregoing entails the need of getting the right executive branch that would ensure the future of our nation, i.e. our children, should never again wobble under the weight of misconceived doctrine! In other words, an oversized executive branch is not the right why to deal with the needs and wants of our nation. After all, the liberation war was not about getting as much ministers as we could, but it was about making Somaliland a better place in which to live.
And if you, as citizen of Somaliland, want to know more about how KULMIYE is planning to tackle the neglected needs of our nation, do not hesitate to join those who have already embarked upon the noble endeavour of making our beloved land, Somaliland, a better place in which to raise children, instead, of continuing to appease the scrounger – i.e. the tribal beast.
And, lastly, signing up with KULMIYE, as citizen of Somaliland, will present you with the opportunity of witnessing and participating the honourable endeavour, which endorses the fact that saving our nation from the vicious tribal beast that got them to believe the larger the cabinet the more developed the nation will become is not only about just removing the incumbent leadership, but it is about freeing even the present leadership of our beloved Somaliland from this vicious tribal beast, so that they will never again need to hide from the public, as happened recently in London.

As always, the only obligation that KULMIYE will ask you is to ask yourself what you can do for your beloved Somaliland rather than what the tribal beast may do for you and your uncles. Join us in bring about a national leadership that thrives on debating with the public rather than hiding, for that is the only why we could find out what our splendid nation needs.

Dr Mohamed-Aar Abdillahi
Chairman, KULMIYE UK.
KULMIYE uk chair@yahoo.co.uk

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