Thursday, August 24, 2006

SORPI Issues List of Conference Participants

Somaliland Policy & Reconstruction Institute (SOPRI) promotes Somaliland to increase the awareness of the international community about Somaliland’s indisputable right for statehood. The more the Somaliland case is strongly pushed in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia by the the efforts of the government and the Diaspora communities acting in concert; the earlier the quest for recognition will be realized.

SOPRI’s has so far focused its work in the United States. We hope to inspire other communities to engage in similar activities in the key countries where Somaliland interest must be promoted.

As you are aware the second Somaliland convention will be held in the nation’s capital on September 8-10, 2006. We applaud the members of the host committee, who on top of their normal very busy schedules, admirably accepted to shoulder the demanding responsibility of organizing the 2006 Somaliland Convention. They went in earnest to raise funds from Somaliland business leaders and the Diaspora communities, selected appropriate venue that can accommodate hundreds of participants, selected and contacted speakers, formulated a three day program covering political, social, economic and environmental topics to be discussed in panels running concurrently to maximize use of time and undertook the logistics of enabling the invitees to arrive and depart in timely manner. The Committee members, who deserve all of our gratitude, are listed on the SOPRI’s web site:

SOPRI and the Somaliland Communities who sponsored the event extended official invitations to the following speakers, discussants and panelists. We want to clarify not everyone in this list is confirmed attendance yet, we would post the confirmed list later


1 - Somaliland Government Delegation led by President Dahir Riyaleh Kahin. 2 - Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi “Cirro”, Chairman of Somaliland Parliament3 - Abdilaziz Samaleh, Vice-Chair of Somaliland Parliament4 - Suleman Guleed, Chairman of Guurti (Upper House) 5 – Fuad Adan Adde, Minister, Somaliland Government6 - Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud “Silanyo”, Chairman of KULMIYE Party7 - Faisal Ali Farah, Chairman of UCID Party8.- Mohamed Bullaleh Ismail, Secretary General of UDUB Party9 – Eng. Hussein Mohamud Jiciir, Mayor of City of Hargeisa 10- Mohamud Ahmed Hassan, Mayor of City of Burao11- Abdi Shide Bile, Mayor of City of Borama 12- Mr. Saeed Daud Elmi, Mayor of City of Berbera 13- Ahmed Haji Nur, Mayor of City of Erigabo, 14- Ahmed Ali “Adami”, Chairman of Somaliland Election Commission15- Abdirahman Aw Ali, Vice Chair, Kulmiya Party16- Mohamed Osman Fadal, Vice Chair, UCID Party17- Mohamed Saed Mohamed “Gees”, Director, The Academy of Peace & Development 18- Abdillahi Adan (Congo), former Executive in the Arab League 19- Dr. Saad Sheikh Noor, Somaliland Representative in USA20-Mohamed Kahin, Executive Committee Kulmiya Party21-Abdi Biehi, Executive Committee Kulmiya Party22- Dr. Mohamed Abdi Yusuf(Dr. Gabose), A Former Minister of Interior23- Mustafa A. Jama, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley 24- Abdirahim Abbey Farah, former Under Secretary General - United Nations 25- Professor Hussein Adan (Tanzani), University of Holy Cross 26-Dr. Hussein A. Bulhan, MD, 27-Amina Milgo Warsame, Excecutive Director of Naiad Umbrella Organization 28-Dr. Mohamed Abdi Yusuf“Gabose”, Former Minister of Interior29-Dr.Ahmed Hussein Esa, Director IPRT30-Dr. Aden Ismail “Bergeel”, MD31-Dr. Hussein Hanfi, MD, Howard Hospital, Washington DC32-Dr. Fauzia Aden Abrar, MD, Minneapolis, Minnesota33-Eng. Mohamed Hashi Elmi, Former Minister of Commerce34-Ibrahim Megag Samater, Professor of Economics, Japan 35-Shukri Bandare, Member of Somaliland Commission36-Ragia Abdillahi Omar, Human Right Activist37-Mohamed Hashi Damac(Gaariye), A poet 38. Mohamed Sh. Hassan Tani, Africa Development Bank39- Edna Adan Ismail, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs40. Osman Abdillahi Egal, Head of Kulmiya Party Hargeisa41- Mohamed Ibrahim Warsame, A Poet42 –Ahmed Sh. Abdillahi, member of election commission.

Representing the business community, invitees include

1 - Mohamed Yassin (Olad), Chief Executive Officer Daallo Airlines 2 - Abdirahman Awl, International Consultant4 - AbdiKarim Mohamed Iid, Chairman Telsom Company (Telephone Company)

Representing Somaliland North America Communities:

1 - Somaliland Community Leaders in Minnesota2 - Somaliland Community Leaders in Columbus, Ohio3 – Somaliland Community Leaders in Seattle, Washington4 – Somaliland Community Leaders in Toronto Canada5 – Somaliland Community Leaders in Ottawa, Canada6 – Somaliland Community Leaders in California7 _ Somaliland Community Leaders in Texas8 _ Somaliland Community Leaders in Mid-West9 _ Somaliland Community Leaders in East Coast10 _Somaliland Community Leaders in Southern States11_Somaliland Community Leaders in Arizona12._Various Somaliland Communities Leaders in Europe

SOPRI is proud to have sponsored last year a successful convention participated by many Somalilanders and Somaliland supporters. The convention contributed to the promotion of the interest of Somaliland as well as contributed to a successful and peaceful parliamentarian elections. The full report of Los Angeles Convention is available on our web site.

We would like to reiterate that SOPRI strictly adheres to a high ethical standard which is to promote solely the collective interest of the people of Somaliland and to consciously avoid the appearance of any action that may be construed as promoting the interest of one political party or individual over another party or individual. We ensure that our actions are transparent and beyond reproach. Such values will create trust and confidence amongst all of us in our journey to accelerate recognition for the state of Somaliland

For details about the conference agenda, conference registration, registration fee payment types, and hotel reservations; please visit the web site


Saeed Megag SamaterPresident & Founder

Prof. Amina H. Adan Vice-President

Adan H. Iman Director

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