Monday, August 07, 2006

Somaliland: Is Ethiopia a Friend or a Foe?

Given the fact that Ethiopia is openly supporting the so-called irredentist Federal Transitional Government of Somalia (TFG)—a Frankenstein paper government, which was concocted by the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Kenya in 2004 who imposed this hollow entity on the suffering and still bleeding people of Somalia that is led by the criminal Col. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed who is the most tribalist and hated Warlord in the country and region, which neither controls any territory nor represents anyone and currently holed in Baydoa City in Central Somalia and mired in a colossal political quagmire and about to disintegrate on the weight of its own falsehoods like its predecessor paper government well as openly supporting the Puntland administration of Somalia—a tribal and hatemongering entity that claims and illegally occupies some of the eastern frontier districts of Sanaag and Sool regions of Somaliland solely on the basis of their tribal affiliations—at the expense of the friendly people, cause, and sovereignty of the peaceful and democratic Republic of Somaliland; it is incumbent on the people and government of Somaliland to vigorously counter the gatherings of enemies and forces of irredentism and their cohorts with a dose of their own medicine, that is, countering their irredentism with irredentism of our own.

We must therefore immediately begin to beef up our defences and put in place a robust political process and a strong political organization that will champion the Rights and independence of our people in Haud Region or The Reserve Area in order to protect our peoples and to counter or balance Ethiopia’s reckless policies and unjustified support of the perceived “unity of Somalia” and to curb their unwarranted excesses in the Horn of Africa region.

As you are aware, the Haud region/the Reserve Area is a distinct territory that was neither part of the so-called Ogaden region, which was ceded to Ethiopia by the European powers during the infamous Scramble of Africa or the Scramble for Colonies at the Berlin Conference in 1884 and, which is solely claimed by the Ogaden tribe—a minority tribe in the region and its so-called Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), a purely tribal and terrorist organization who currently operate in Ethiopia and seeking to join Somalia in order to fulfill the illogic and long dead dream of “Greater Somalia”. In addition, the Haud region/Reserve Area is a distinct huge territory that was formerly part of the present state of Somaliland formerly known as the Protectorate of British Somaliland. This territory was illegally ceded to Ethiopia by the British as recently as in 1954 in order to create more discord and enmity amongst the neighbourly peoples and to further divide and conquer the region.

Nevertheless, the Haud region/the Reserve Area can not and should not be lumped together with the so-called Ogaden region and be allowed to be illegally claimed by the irredentist hostile Somalia and its cohorts. So Ethiopia must wake up and smell the coffee and understand that the Haud region/Reserve Area is a distinct people and region that had historically been and is presently under the sphere of influence of its sisterly state of Somaliland through blood relations.

Therefore, it is about time that Ethiopia to come to terms with the historical facts and the distinctness of the Haud region/Reserve Area and to cease its political and economic strangle hold and to reverse its unfair policies and to grant the people and the territory their long overdue freedom to govern themselves like the Oromos, Ogadenis, Issas, Afars, etc. within the Federal Republic of Ethiopia. Failure to do so will trigger the full liberation struggle of the people and territory by any means possible.

As for the question, “Is Ethiopia a friend or a foe?” the answer is simply: NO. Ethiopia is not a friend, it is a formidable foe of Somaliland since it morally, politically, and militarily supports the avowed enemies of Somaliland such as the TFG, the tribal entity of Puntland regional administration, Col. Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed, and most of the notorious criminal “Beast-Man” Warlords of Somalia all of who had been and still is at the throat of each since the collapse and prevailing anarchy of Somalia. Apart from their wide ranging discord, disagreements, wrangling, and barbarism against the innocent people of Somalia particularly women and children and the elderly, they agree on one thing only, that is, the domination of the people and destruction of the cause and sovereignty of Somaliland by any means possible.

So how can such a country that has openly chosen to support such an avowed enemies of our people, cause, and sovereignty, which is already endangering our national interest and security be our friend?

No, it is not a friend. So let us send this message to them in a loud and clear manner that it is not indomitable or invisible. And that the Cold War is over and, this time around, it will not have the luxury to be defended by hundreds of thousands of Cuban, Russian, and Yemeni forces if it continues to unfairly meddle in the Somaliland-Somalia predicament and continue to foment more chaos and political turmoil in the Horn of Africa region.

Farah Ali Jama,

Ottawa, Canada.

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