Friday, September 29, 2006

Somaliland Warns Mogadishu Islamists

Awdalnews Staff reporter=

Somaliland warned the Islamists of Mogadishu against provocation and incitement aimed at destabilizing its country.

In a strongly worded statement to the Somaliland press, Yusuf Ise Duale Tallaabo, Deputy Minister of Justice, said: “ I tell the Union of Islamic Courts who dream of capturing Buroa and Hargeisa that Somaliland is an independent republic that has restored its sovereignty in 1991. We have a government, national flag, internationally recognized borders and a constitution accepted by 97% of the people in a referendum. I tell them that Somaliland is not Kismayo or Mogadishu.”

Warning the local people against being deceived by what is happening in Mogadishu, Tallaabo said: “ Where do you think you are going? The sharia is not only in Mogadishu. We have the Koran and we know the direction of the Qibla (the Ka’ba in Mecca). Why are you looking at Mogadishu as if a new prophet has appeared in it.?”

He expressed his astonishment at the UIC claiming of following the Islamic Sharia and at the same time using force to capture territories.

“Does Sharia means hijacking people’s will? A man who claims to be ruling on Sharia should follow peaceful ways,” he said.

Meanwile, Somaliland press reported that Sheikh Ali Warsame, the founder of the Somali Al Ittihad Al Islami and the spiritual guru of Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys, left his base in Buroa and departed for Mogadishu, leading a delegation of several other clerics. It added that Warsame and Aweys had met in Saudi Arabia during the Haj festival earlier this year. Also Adan Jihad, a Somaliland native who is a member of the UIC, was reported to have recently arrived in Buroa. Jihad was a member of the UIC delegation that visited Libya and Djibouti.
In a related development, the autonomous region of Puntland banned people coming from the south entering its territory. It has already deported a number of businessmen and other individuals back to Mogadishu.

Somaliland press also reported that Puntland authorities have ordered their forces stationed in the disputed Sool region with Somaliland to be ready for redeployment to Baidoa where they will take part in the defense of the TFG against any possible attack by the UIC.
The latest developments indicate how much Somaliland and Puntland authorities have been alarmed by the fast collapse of the Juba Valley Alliance and the easy fall of Kismayo in the hands of the UIC.

Source: Awdalnews Network

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