Monday, September 11, 2006

Union of Islamic Courts: The Tribullah of Somalia

As an exordium, the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) is the protagonist religious extremists for the former Al-Itihaad Al-Islamia terrorist group, a branch of Wahabbi extremist sect imported from Saudi Arabia that is believed to be aligned with Al-Qaida and other international terrorists who currently control Mogadishu, the defunct capital of the collapsed and anarchic state of Somalia.

And the Tribullah is the most suitable name given to the UIC by this author. The name Tribullah is derived from two words: Tribe and Allah, and meaning the “Tribe of Allah”, just like Hezbollah, which also stems from two words: Hezbi and Allah, and meaning the “Party of God”!!

Of course, both the above stated names are blasphemous and sinful since neither the Tribullah is the “tribe of God” nor Hezbollah is the “Party of God.” Nevertheless, that is what they think they are and would therefore like others to believe. But, no sane person outside their narrow circle of blind, deaf, and dump followers will ever believe in their cheap antics or will ever be misled by their ludicrous gestures, hypocrisy, and lies.

To proceed, although Tribullah (UIC) wants to peddle themselves as a God sent miraculous breeze of blessed enlightenment, salvation, peace, unity, virtues, and development or the holiest of the holy or the “chosen ones” that takes their orders directly from heaven and been assigned through divine powers to sweep the lands and re-Islamise the already 100% Somali Muslims throughout the vast Somali territories i.e. Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Somali State of Federal Ethiopia, and North Eastern Province (NFD) and beyond is utterly ludicrous, laughable, and condemnable.

In essence, Tribullah are wolves in sheep clothing and a bunch of deranged power hungry irredentists, tribalists, mercenaries, terrorists, and an ugly cancer in Somalia that must be jointly confronted and removed sooner rather than later before it spreads like wild fire and infects and sickens the entire Horn of Africa and East Africa regions.

Apparently, the eight individuals of the so-called “Shuura” or the Central Committee of the Tribullah who are all from the Hawiye Clan includes terrorists and war criminals, for example, Warlord Col. “Sheikh” Hassan Dahir Aweys, leader of the organization and founder of the former Al-Itihad Al-Islamia terrorist group who is responsible for the killing and wounding of a number of innocent British, Italian, Swiss, and Kenyan foreign expatriates in the neighbouring Republic of Somaliland and who is also wanted internationally for acts of terrorism in both Kenya and Tanzania, Warlord “Sheikh” Yusuf Mohamed Siyad (Indho Ade) who occupies the Lower Shabelle region and who continues to unabatedly rob, rape, torture, maim, confiscate lands, and ethnically cleanse its original inhabitants, and others odious individuals with dark pasts and criminal records. Is this about Islam? Isn’t this pure tribalism, Wahabism, and terrorism?

Worse still, Tribullah who were in the past loosely aligned with the defeated “Beast-Man” Warlords of the so-called Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counterterrorism (ARPCT) such as Warlord Hussein Mohamed Aydid, Warlord Mohamed Qanyare Afrah, Warlord Mohamed Omar Habeeb (Mohamed Dheere), Warlord Muse Suudi Yalahow, Warlord Bashir Raghe, Warlord Col. Abdi Hassan Awaale (Abdi Qaybdiid), and others all of whom are also from the Hawiye Clan who jointly controlled and occupied the Middle Shabelle region, Banadir region including Mogadishu city, Lower Shabelle region, and Lower Juba region who were the very evil forces who have been massacring and ethnically cleansing the innocent minority groups unabatedly and confiscating their lands and properties and who have generally wrecked havoc in the lives of the ordinary people of the anarchic Somalia particularly the unarmed ethnic minorities such as Reer Shabeele, Reer Xamar (Cadcad), Barwaani, Biimaal, Tuni, Reer Golleed, Mushunguli, etc., and the women, children, and the elderly since the collapse of the fascist and tyrannical military regime of Dictator Gen. Siad Barre in 1990 or for the last 16 years to the present are now trying to hipocritally hide behind the banner of Islam, labeling themselves with some fancy foreign names, calling themselves as the saviours of the oppressed and down trodden people of Somalia, and masquerading as noble Mujahideens and Saints who have “liberated” Mogadishu and restored “peace”, and as the vanguard of Islam in the Horn of Africa and East Africa regions!! What a fallacy?

Whatever the case, the intrepid people of the Republic of Somaliland are monitoring them closely and are fully aware of Tribullah’s irredentism, provocations, and evil designs particularly in Sool region, where they last month attempted to plant through the airwaves one of their evil and so-called Islamic Court bearing the fancy name of “Al-Adala”!! But the attempts of their few disgraced shadowy agents were quickly exposed, confronted, and their plans were dismantled and thrown in the dustbin of history.

Consequently, the people of the neighbouring regional administration of Puntland are also monitoring them closely and are fully on the alert and have so far thwarted the bulk of the evil designs of Tribullah expansionism particularly in both North Mudug and South Mudug regions. What a blow to Tribullah?

Overall, whether Tribullah call themselves Al-Itihaad Islamia or Islamic Courts Union (ICU) or Court of Islamic Council (CIC) or Union of the Islamic Courts (UIC) or “Wadaado” (Mullahs), all odds indicate that they are a bunch of blood thirsty tribalists, crazed opportunists, hate and warmongers, and a hell-bent terrorists group hired by some Arab powers to do the dirty jobs for Al-Qaida and other international terrorists in the Horn of Africa and East Africa regions.

As a result, it is incumbent on all the peoples and governments in the region particularly Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, and Uganda to route out this dangerous menace under the payroll of some Middle East powers, Al-Qaida, and other international terrorists.

Farah Ali Jama,
Ottawa, Canada.

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