Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Fantastic. Absolutely Fantastic, and very exciting! Justin Pierre James Trudeau, accomplished youth and environment activist, outspoken liberal, and the son of one of the most successful Quebec and Canadian political leaders ever, has endorsed Gerard Kennedy to lead the Liberal Party of Canada.

Talk about a winning team!Canada's next generation of leadership!

"I would strongly encourage people, particularly here in Quebec to look at Kennedy a bit more closely. While he may not be an instinctive choice for Quebecers, I think that what he (stands for) with respect to social justice, with respect to the economy, with respect to what he understands of people, the people, he is the one who understands more than the others the real needs of Quebecers.'' - Justin Trudeau

To my mind, Gerard represents the best chance for creating genuine solutions to appeal to all Canadians." - Justin Trudeau

“This has been a party that has drifted away from the grassroots toward the corporate donorship that has always worked but no longer works in Canada right now. We need to be really brave about taking a fresh look and listening to people and sharing the power and the privilege of power that the Canadian people keeps granting the Liberal Party ... there is really one choice and that's Gerard.” - Justin Trudeau

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