Sunday, November 26, 2006

Somaliland Parliamentarians Denied Entry Visa to Djibouti

Djibouti (The Rep) - 4 members of the House of Representatives who were given the green light to attend the Funeral of the former Djibouti President, by the chairman of the Parliament in Djibouti were denied entry visa, after they arrived at Djibouti Airport.

The 4 members of the House of Representatives told the media on their return that immigration officials refused to give them entry visa, after consulting with higher authorities of their government.

The parliamentarians refused to give any reasons why they were bared from attending the funeral of the first Djibouti President, Al Haj Hassan Guleid Abtidon.

According to highly reliable source in Parliament, Immigration officers at Djibouti Airport told the 4-man parliamentary delegation that Visas will not be given to the 2 parliamentarians who had Somaliland passports.

"We cannot give entry visa to the 2, who have Somaliland passports; our government doesn't recognize Somaliland nor its passport. We can give entry visa to the 2 who have Somalia passports."
Djibouti used to accept Somaliland passport as a travel document, but the refusal to give Visa to parliamentarians seems to be a new development in the relation between the 2 states.

Courtesy of: The Republican

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