Friday, December 22, 2006

Somalia at War

(Waridaad)The TFG and the UIC are in a deadlock fight for the forth day. The UIC leader Col: Aweys said that he is officially in a state of war with Ethiopia.

Both sides are claiming to have inflicted heavy damages to the other camp. However, the UIC militia are pushing the Ethiopian troops /TFG militia back to their original positions. The Ethiopian authority strongly denied the Islamist claim as an empty rhetoric and reasserted that the conflict with the Islamist will be short and Swift.

The casualty level is high on both sides. Dead bodies are lying down everywhere one witness said. In addition, both sides are claiming to have captured prisoners of war. One of the captured prisoners by the TFG militia/Ethiopian troops, said, that he has been forced to fight for the UIC and added to what translates to "if he dies while fighting the infidels and their companions that he will assuredly abode with the righteous companions in ever-lasting paradise". A recruiting technique the Islamist most often employs to fill their rank and file.

As the deadlock continues for the forth day, it has been said that Ethiopia is planning to shift the war to the air and there is a fear the battles could escalate into full-scale war.

"The United Nations estimates that at least 8,000 Ethiopian troops may be in the country backing the government while regional rival Eritrea has deployed some 2,000 troops in support of the Islamic group".

The experts are predicating that the war will drag on for a long time and if not intervened will spread and engulf the whole region.

Ahmed Quick
Ottawa Canada
Waridaad Media Centre

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