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The Fire Spitting Monster Is Wobbling, Wagging Its Tail And Wriggling Its Body In IIs Den!

The restless dreaded dragon, the fire spitting monster is wobbling, wagging its tail and wriggling its body in its den! It should be restrained. Soon it may strike if it is not thwarted. In this world there are always two camps which mostly run side by side. Sometimes it runs against each other and ultimately collides to destroy one another. The outcome of such collision and impact is always, undoubtedly, the loss of the rogue camp.

There is camp for: peace, prosperity, progress, abundance, fairness, fraternity, tranquility and there is another camp, opposite to the previous one which hosts animosity, aggression, chaos, corruption, cruelty, derailing, degrading, distortion, destabilizing, displacement, war, evil, elimination, injustice, nepotism, suppressing, oppressing, subjugating, marauding and so and so forth.

The FAQASH era, when no one else got the guts to stand up, SNM Veterans stood up firmly and gallantly fought against the tyranny, the brutal regime of Siyad Barre which was at that time at its apex of power. It was one of black Africa's most powerful regimes. An "AWJ" camp was sniff- dogs for Gestapo-like and dreadful HANGASH. If it were not those brave men and women of SNM, who some of them dearly paid the ultimate price, their soul and martyred [May Allah bestow and shower his mercies upon their souls], we would have been today in the shackles, under the mercy and in the hands of Afweiyne's cronies.

I know scores from the AWJ camp and elsewhere may be frozen or a sharp chill may run in their spinal cord when they are reading these lines. That is the reality. They have to face the music. In this life, anything which comes up, you may either take the right way or the wrong path. It is all a matter of your choice. But you face the consequences when you bet on the wrong side.
When SNM veterans, the Mujahideen were fighting against the brutal, barbarous regime of Siad Barre, there were two camps. One camp, of course was pro SNM fighters while the other camp, shamelessly and willingly stood side by side, shoulder to shoulder, rank and file with the losing horse, Siyad's regime which was desperately fighting and gasping for air to survive. The Pros of Siyad's camp, the evil camp and its losers whom I dubbed “Afweyne's Wagon Jumpers”, or in short AWJS, were the evil brewers, the wheels of hostilities and injustices, the ears, the eyes and the ruthless hands of the doomed regime. Scores of them sporadically regrouped in Nairobi, Kenya (2003 - 2004), Ottawa, Canada (1996) and finally their tormented faces bopped up in Washington DC, USA (2006). Though, they modified their name a little bit. One can tell its unique stripes are recognizable! The AWJ symbol glows on their bruised faces which read loud and clear:

Where on earth do liberators are called criminals?
Where on earth do our heroes are called bandits, when the real criminals and bandits are "high" in high positions of the government hierarchy?

Where on earth your God given dignity and rights defenders are called criminals?
Where on earth any civilized people on this globe, mother earth, do accept ethnic cleansing as legitimate as daily basis of life and who ever fights against that is labeled, “The Criminals”?
Responsible Intellectuals, like good elders, always work hard round the clock on constructive issues and positively contribute to the development of their communities. They make peace and voluntarily lead common folks to attain their goals. They preach in peace and practice no squabbling. They walk through their communities and educate the common folks how to harness and exploit peace, tranquility and prosperity.

Benevolent Intellectuals with real back bones and wise men do lead there people to the common goals and propagate fraternity, mutual co-operation and lasting peace and understanding. They don't initiate and dig novice graves here and there with their own hands which only do exist in their own imaginations. They don’t sow seeds of hate and brew malicious fatal doses. They don't toss inflammable rags to rekindle an already burnt scar.

They don't glamorize and scratch an old wound which easily bleeds. They do not throw darts and hand baskets full of barbs, bullets and explosives when really their very people are drastically in need for food. Serious intellectuals do arm and provide their folks; education tools and kits to prepare their people to beat humanities’ Centuries old enemies, ignorance and illiteracy. They facilitate and furnish hospitals, clinics, dispensaries, etc to overcome deceases and Medical problems which face our people day-in day-out. They facilitate and give helpful hands to the agrarian communities to get ploughs, tractors and accessories. They facilitate and secure up-to date tools and technologies to make farmers master and implement the art of agronomy and overcome the awkward traditional subsistence farming to beat hunger and exploit farming skillfully. Some of them even go with Nomads and teach their fellow herdsmen techniques to cope natural and man-made catastrophic incidents. In short, they, the intellectuals solve problems or at least try to solve it. They don’t be part of the problem or create it themselves!
I wonder when someone claims, there were Ethiopian tanks rumbling in the streets of Borama, fighting side by side with SNM fighters on 1991. When reality exposes otherwise that Mohamed Siad Barre and Mengistu Haile Mariam sealed an agreement in Djibouti on 1988 which instantaneously suspended any Ethiopian military assistance to SNM. Their fuel and logistical aid and supplies were cut off. Radio Halgan was grounded. And they were ordered to turn in their ammunitions and logistics within a short period of time. That was the turning point of SNM’s history when there was no where to turn for assistance it made them to decide the daring, dazzling attack which shock and amazingly crippled the foundations of Siad Barre’s military arsenal and finally led to his downfall. The performance of SNM at that time is in record. Their superior tactics and military planning is noteworthy to be lectured at military Academies.

Any sound, fair-minded court in the world, if the judge finds a shred of distortion of facts or misrepresentation in your case it is imminent that you lose the case. On the same token Mr Abdulla Farah Sigad’s report of Borama genocide on Feb 4th, 1991 is null and void. It is far fetched. There were neither Ethiopian tanks rolled and thundered in the streets of Borama, nor did SNM fighters took revenge and massacred the innocent civilians.

In peace everybody prospers and wins. But if you cut my throat and I cut your throat, both of us we bleed to death. Nobody wins, it is fool’s fight. Ponder what is going on in Somalia for the last decade and half, though the whole world tried its best to solve the problem to no avail. An American well known proverb says: “You can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink”. I hope the message is understood.

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Mohamoud H NugidoonOttawa, Canada

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