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Mr. President, Back Off From Your Self-Defeating Mission: And Reform Your Leadership and Administration, (Part 2 of 3).

Mr. President, your clandestine activities and subversive strategy are out there in the open for all to see. And the citizenry of Somaliland are an intelligent; politically conscious, and visionary people that cannot be fooled by a despotic tin pot dictator in sheep’s coating or by anyone else and have a free reign over the people and their motherland. Note: It is this intrepid people who destroyed the fascist Seyid Mohamed Abdulla Hassan, the Italian invasion of Somaliland in the 1940s, one of the most powerful in sub-Sahara of the deposed fascist and tyrannical military regime of Dictator Siad Barre, and it is this gallant and vigilant people who are in guard to defend their just cause and existence of Somaliland by any means possible. So put these brief facts into account.
Therefore, they can clearly see your motives and hidden agenda, and your desperation to callously hurt and disadvantage the citizenry in all segments of public and private sectors and in all aspects of life, and how you are constantly laying unnecessary obstacles in their way and causing untold problems in the attempts to hurt, rescind their hard won independence, liberty, freedoms, and human rights; how you are continuously provoking, inciting, and committing gross injustices against them, how you are hindering and retarding all forms of progress and development in the country, how you are trying hard to deflate their aspirations and spirits, and how are callously trying to take advantage and taking for granted their good nature, peaceful nature, civility, law abiding, superior culture, and traditions and customs in a manner to subvert their sacrifices and efforts to preserve and protect peace and security, and the stability of this country.

Consequently, we all can see how you are callously trying to take advantage of the goodwill, humility, patience, and the compliance with the law of our poor and suffering people.

Mr. President, time and again, you have recklessly concocted one constitutional crisis after the other, and plunged our people, national institutions, and country into unnecessary political turmoil and chaos, right from the day you were mistakenly and unwittingly been elected as the president of this poor and unrecognized nation in 2003 to-date.

To refresh your memory refer to the article titled, “Riyaale Is Unqualified And Unfit To Be Elected” by Ali Gulaid “Ali Marshal”, which is dated on 30 January 2003, which is easily accessible at the opinion column or at this link:

To mention a few, some of your many concoctions of constitutional crises and colossal blunders include:

Your clandestine scheme a) To systematically undermine, trivialize, and disparage the historical importance of the Somali National Movement (SNM) and the national anniversary ceremonies marking their founding and achievements b) To deny the SNM Veteran Organizations in Somaliland their well deservedly and long over due funding to provide for the welfare and medical assistance to their injured and suffering veterans, families, widows, and orphans c) To disrespect, harass, arbitrarily arrest, and systematically purge SNM veterans and other patriotic and prominent leaders from government as well as the key NGOs operating in the country d) To stealthily replace SNM veterans who sacrificed their lives and liberated Somaliland with your comrades of the now defunct National Security Service (NSS)—the dreaded, sadistic, torturous, and murderous secret agent of the deposed fascist and tyrannical military regime of Dictator Siad Barre of Somalia whose criminal activities, horrendous war crimes, and crimes against humanity committed against the citizenry of former Somalia particularly against the innocent people of Somaliland, was even unbearable for merciless fascist Dictator Siad Barre who eventually disbandment them during the dying months of his regime, and e) To sneakily reinstate or reinstitution, and reintegrate these shadowy, barbarous, criminal, and Mafioso agents in both public and private sectors particularly in the cabinet and the National Security Forces of Somaliland—is a long standing or an all time constitutional crisis that manifests where your loyalty lies and a clear-cut evidence of your continuous enmity, disloyalty, and ulterior motives and agenda to replicate or create a dictatorship in this country so as to hijack or damage the just cause and existence of Somaliland!!

Mr. President, refresh your memories with the article titled, “Justice for the Atrocities of the 1980s: The Responsibility of Politicians and Political parties” by Raqia Omaar, the director of the international human rights organization, African Rights, which was published by the Somaliland Times on 21 January 2003, which is easily be accessible at the opinion column or at this link:

Your notorious disregard and flagrant trampling on the noble Constitution and laws of the land, blatant bypass or circumvention of the Checks and Balance mechanism that is clearly stipulated in the Constitution of Somaliland, heinous policies to undermine the purposes and functions of the three independent Branches of Government (the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary), conspicuous and unabated abuse of power and office, uncooperative and partisanship stand, destructive and unconstitutional policies, glaring divisive tactics, poisonous rhetoric, onslaught on the general peace and security, endangerment to the harmonious coexistence of the citizenry, undermining the established bipartisan National Committee on the Sool and Sanaag question, and eventual total sellout or capitulation or attempts to cede or surrender huge chunks of Somaliland territory to the weak regional tribal entity of Puntland and its rag tag militia thereby damaging the territorial integrity of this country and the possibility of achieving international recognition—is a crystal clear evidence of your attempts to establish dictatorship, unmistakable disloyalty, and undisguised subversion of the just cause, peace, unity, hard won independence, democracy, sovereignty, and the existence of Somaliland.

Your underground tactics a) To hijack the previous un elected House of Representatives (the Lower House of Parliament) of Somaliland, an independent Legislative Branch of Government and a key national institution thereby undermining its purpose and function, relevance, and relegating it to a partisan and a mere rubber stamp status, and b) To unfairly and illegally recruit the majority of the members of the House to UDUB party members, and c) To eventually corrupt, bribe, create schism, and divisions among the lowly paid MPs in order to easily influence their decisions in a manner to unfairly hurt, disadvantage, and alienate the opposition parties—is also a clear indication of the existence of some ulterior motives and agenda, evil quest for illegitimate and illegal accumulation of power by any means necessary, and the tendency to establish a dictatorship and perpetuate injustices in Somaliland.
Your covert and overt strategy a) To similarly hijack the un elected Guurti (Upper House of Parliament/House of Elders) of Somaliland, an equally independent Branch of Government and a key national institution thereby undermining its function and purpose, relevance, and relegating it to yet, another partisan, partial, and a mere rubber stamp status, and b) To again, unfairly and illegally recruit the majority of the members of the Guurti to UDUB party members in order to influence its decisions in a manner to callously hurt, disadvantage, and alienate the opposition parties c) To block the Constitutional process to lay out the required election of the Guurti, and d) To unconstitutionally and illegally renew the tenure in office for the Guurti to a whopping 5-year term (a full un elected term) to the year 2010)—is again, a palpable evidence of your evil designs to accumulate illegitimate and illegal power, attempts to torpedo the Constitution and laws of the land, derail our nascent democracy, cripple the Checks and Balance mechanism, undercut good governance and the rule of law, wreck the political dispensation of the country, and to fortify the dictatorial system you are trying to create so as to subvert the cause and democratic aspirations of the people of Somaliland.

Your clandestine project a) To overhaul the entire justice system of Somaliland that is heavily laden with ethnic, gender, and regional disparities in the name of “reform and an effective and just system” and “ending of corruption” and to replace most of the former experienced judges with some inexperienced, tribal, partisan, and political cronies, and b) To appoint a controversial, unqualified, and a disloyal former “Judge” of the regional tribal entity of Puntland, Somalia as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Somaliland, which paved the way for you perpetuate injustices in the land, to steal the presidential election, and further hijack the entire Judiciary Branch of Government and a key national institution thereby, as usual, to undermine its purpose and function, neutrality, relevance, and relegating it to a partisan, partial, and a mere rubber stamp status in a manner to deprive the citizenry hunger for justice, liberty, freedom, and human rights—symbolizes that you are a tin pot dictator in the making and despot that deserves to be stopped and removed from power immediately.
Your naked and fraudulent a) Narrow “80 votes win” over the highly qualified, experienced, veteran politician, current Chairman of KULMIYE party, and the leader of the Official Opposition of Somaliland, which was later changed to some “216 votes win” in your favour by the heavily partial and partisan “Supreme Court” which has been dubbed as the “Supreme Farce” without providing any explanations to-date as to how you exactly won or where the later extra votes came from, was truly a hidden operation intended to create political turmoil, ignite civil war, and to create a scenario of a Riyaale versus Siilaanyo power struggle in Somaliland and similar to the scenario of War Lord Ali Mahdi versus the late War Lord Gen. Mohamed Farah Aydid power struggle—which caused the prevailing anarchy and collapse of the State of Somalia or the scenario of Jama Ali Jama versus War Lord Abdullahi Yusuf power struggle, which also triggered a civil war in the regional tribal entity of Puntland, Somalia—is yet, another evidence of your evil designs and subversion of our noble and just cause, and the existence of Somaliland.

Mr. President, to refresh you memory refer to the article titled, “Uncertain Times in Somaliland Tensions in the Wake of Disputed Election Results” by African Rights, which was dated on 01 May 2003, which is also easily accessible at the opinion column or at this link:

Your dragging of feet and unhelpful rhetoric a) To unfairly wrangle over the regional distribution of seats particularly in Awdal province at a period and wasting precious time, at a time, when the past parliamentary election was nearing b) Attempts to block the parliamentary election preparations and process, poisoning the political environment, and fleeing to South Africa when the political heat was rightly turned on you c) Alienating and shutting out from the whole election process an entire ethnic group in Awdal province specifically the Issa Clan d) The delaying tactic to hinder the election law process, and the unnecessary postponement of the set out election date to buy more time and to further complicate the process e) The fraudulent tactics to distribute ballot papers some regions and cities particularly in Awdal province ahead of the election day f) For grudgingly holding the election, illegally employing all the state machinery during the election period to disadvantage opposition parties, and forcing out numerous unnecessary recounting processes at most of the polling stations and illegally transporting and recounting the Sool region’s ballot boxes to Hargeisa city in order to by time and fraudulently stuff the ballot boxes, and g) The sound defeat of your UDUB party by the opposition parties, and h) The desperation and naked violations of the parliamentary sanctity, violations of the immunity of the MPs, disruption of the parliamentary procedures, and the attempt to hijack the parliamentary procedures in order to fraudulently elect the Speaker and the Deputies of the House of Representative from your own party, which ended in a fiasco—portends you are clearly out of bounds with the democratic norms and ethics, and an ugly despot that should not have been allowed to govern even a small village council of Qulunjeed, where it is purported to hail from let alone, the republic of Somaliland.

Your recent bold crime and blatant violations of the constitution and the independence, neutrality, impartiality and concoction of yet, another unnecessary constitutional crisis a) To force the passage of the incomplete, discriminatory, unethical, and partisan appointments of a whole new and inexperienced members of the National Election Commission (NEC) that truly, lacked the ethnic, regional, and gender balance b) To unconstitutionally, criminally, and unfairly discharge the highly qualified, experience, and effective former NEC commissioner whose tenure in office was rightly renewed to a 2-year term by the House of Representative c) To order heavily armed Security Forces to illegally occupy and violate the sanctity of the premises of the NEC d) To illegally transfer the power, documents, and equipment of the NEC to an administrative body contrary to the constitution and the laws of the land on a weekend holidays without even the presence of the commissioners themselves e) To intimidate, harass, and humiliate the commissioner by forcefully and improperly taking away their vehicles in the middle of the streets and blocking their personal cell phones, and e) To disrespect, disregard, and contempt the parliamentary decision in regards to the renewal of the commissioners term in office—is yet, another evidence that denotes your evil quest for accumulation of power and ulterior motives and agenda to undermine and render powerless all the key national institutions of this country, and to create a tyrannical dictatorship in order to subvert the cause and existence of Somaliland from within.

Mr. President, given your dark past, qualifications, low level of education, political inexperience, lack of tangible ideas and vision, ineptness, corruption, tribalism and nepotism, empty rhetoric and lies, and hollow hubris and arrogance, and provocations—we strongly believe that there is a third hand here and that you are truly, an odious and evil agent of the enemies of the just cause and existence of Somaliland.

More importantly, you have boldly disrespected, disregarded, abused, breached, and mocked the historical agreement of the Grand National Reconciliation held in Burao City in 1991, which provided a blanket amnesty to certain communities and criminal individuals such as you therefore you are undoubtedly serving some foreign powers in a subservient and submissive manner. In addition, you are noticeably not prepared to bury the hatchet, which the intrepid people of Somaliland have long buried and chose to move on in the interest of the people, cause, and existence of Somaliland!!
Furthermore, you are deliberately and sadistically rubbing salt to our wounds in a reckless, arrogant, and stupid manner. And there must be a price to pay for your evil excesses.

As a result, you are clearly an embarrassment to the pride of our people and the prestige of Republic of Somaliland, and the laughing stalk of the Horn of Africa region. Most importantly, you are an embarrassment to our noble religion, superior culture, great traditions and customs, and clean way of life therefore you are entirely a liability to the values, aspirations, spirits, cause, peace and security, hard won independence, territorial integrity and stability of the country, sovereignty, the existence of Somaliland, and the quest for international recognition as well as a liability and burden to your deaf, blind, and dump political party that is devoid of ideas and morally bankrupt.
Overall, you are a small timer and power hungry despicable foolish despot that deserves to be removed from office and brought court of law by any means possible and punished accordingly for the crimes you have committed in the past to the present against the innocent people of Somaliland. Note: 1) You are not above the law, and 2) the 3.5 million citizenry and the country is more important than you and your NSS operatives and other evil cohorts.
Mr. President, no one in Somaliland is scared by you, your NSS agents, and evil cohorts. And the civilized and our politically, economically, and socially conscious people are only trying their best to abide by the law, civility, maintain high moral ground, and be good to all regardless of their ethnic background. But, their patience is wearing thin. So straighten up or perish in this world and in the hereafter!

(To be continued….).

Farah Ali Jama,

Ottawa, Canada.


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