Monday, April 09, 2007

Ethiopian Aggression: Las Qoray is next

Ethiopian Aggression: Las Qoray is next (Ali M. Ali) The so-called TFG leaders are here, under the behest,of Lord Meles, to gradually dissolve you and yourland. They are here, to baptize you and the Mu-adin at the mosque. They are here, to create greaterEthiopia. QaranimoNews.

Al-qaida, Islamic extremism, Al-itihad threat and regional instability are all smoke screens.Marginalizing Somalia, although centuries old intent,nevertheless, it became a policy after the Eritrean secession and emergence of SSRC headed by MR. Yusuf asf acilitators immediately after the Arta Government.

Outsourcing such as dreadful task to Abdillahi Yusuf and Ali Ghedi, so far seem to be progressing towards an optimum yield on the expense of national sovereignty and pride. Destruction, death and debasing in catastrophic proportions are yet to come, if the conspiracy succeeds. The unadulterated arrogance and the poignant TFG justification, pertaining to the indiscriminate shelling of civilians, in the hands ofthe Ethiopian troops and the tacit approval of theUgandan peace keepers, are a prelude to the planned events ahead. Some of you, who are wicked, clannis hand immoral would argue otherwise but, Eric Van derLinden, chief of the European commission delegation to Kenya , is about to investigate that issue of displacing and butchering civilians.

One needs to ask himself/herself, why Ethiopia is putting all of its weight and resources behind not so charismatic old man and na├»ve Professor? Because, theysee in both, what they can’t see in a sane Somali. Aquid-pro-quo conspiracy, which entitles Ethiopia tohave a federalized state as a neighbor, whereas Yusuf and Ghedi, as leaders engage in facilitations of treaties that our neighbor would sign with each and every autonomous state directly, without prior consultations with the federal Government, thereby,reducing its influence and power.

Exactly two years ago, I wrote an article about theso-called Somali Federalism and its latent intentions. HIIRAN ONLINE deliberately, failed to pos tit, however Dhahar and Aljazeerah did so. AljazeerahAlthough I made a mistake by painting Muse Sudi and Qanyare to be heroes among others, by advocating against Ethiopian deployment, nevertheless, it was clear to me then, the homicidal efforts of AbdillahiYusuf, in regards to the latest events of atrocious bombardment, shelling and butchering of defenseless citizens on one hand, and eradicating those Somalis with “intent to interrupt”, the Ethiopian conquest on Somalia in general and Mogadishu in particular, on theother.

IF Yusuf gets his way, with the exception of Bari,Nugal and northern Mudug (Puntland), Somalia as awhole would be in ruins. Immediately after taking overthe governorship of Puntland, Adde Musse signed atreaty with Australian exploration firm, Range resources, to explore and mine Majiyahan area,the mosteastern part Of Sanaag, a Warsangeli turf. A briefand deadly fight ensued between the Warsangeli Militia and the Puntland tribal army. Colonel Jeenitaag and Colonel Ali kk of the local militia, prevailed.However, the Puntland media has been, for the lastt hree months, concocting reports that arms were coming in from Yemen through Las Qoray for the remnants of Islamic courts, who are hiding in Warsangeli Area.While that was happening, Cadde Musse was busy signing trade and security pact with our neighbor. Security pact? Yes to mine natural resources and halt the construction of Las Qoray port. 4000 Ethiopian troops are on their way to Sanaag. Mogadishu you are not alone.

betrayal of such a magnitude against your own people, while serving your enemy, is beyond comprehension, but what goes up comes down. When Henry VIII took over, the palace which archbishop of York,Thomas Wolsey built for himself, he said “had I servedmy Lord with half the zeal that I have served my master, he would have never left me naked at mine ageto mine enemies”, and to that, I shall say, Somalis serve Allah, the almighty and TFG serves Ethiopia.

TFG is here to occupy and gradually assimilate Somalia and Somalis to Ethiopia. My fellow Somalis, those aren’t Hawiye who are dying and fighting with braveryin Mogadishu, as Abdillahi Yusuf says, but SOMALIS.Those who halted the tanks, downed helicopters,destroyed personnel carriers and stood their ground,are our men and women. The Ethiopian domain stretches to everywhere from Ras Kamboni to lowyado. So those of you, who are supportive of the TFG and dwelling on the theory that, the Ethiopians would leave, are hallucinating. Rise Up.

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