Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ogaden, 'Ethiopia', and the entire Africa at the Brink of Islamist Abyss

Many months ago, when the Amhara and Tigray soldiers of the Abyssinian dictator had not started their adventure in Somalia, through this column we warned every involved party about the possibility of the Horn of Africa and consequently the entire Black Continent turning out to be the next hotbed, and ultimately the greatest success story of the Islamic Terrorism. Unfortunately, we proved to be absolutely correct in our prediction.

Recent developments demonstrate perfectly well the argumentation exposed in an article published as early as November 24, 2006, under the title ‘Avert an East African Islamic Terror Volcano – Break down fake ‘Ethiopia’:

Western ignorance and paranoia at the origin of disastrous decisions.
It all started with the rise of the Somali Islamic Courts of Justice to power. Was Islamic Somalia a dangerous state for the US-led War against Terrorism? The answer is ‘No’.

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