Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What Is The Next Stop

The responsibility for the national disgrace at the war front in Eastern Somaliland on the 15th of April, 2007 might not be confined to the Minister of Defense alone. The contents and the tone of today's Presidential press release is neither good enough nor is it a sufficiently plausible explanation. Blaming the news media for spreading baseless accounts of what has transpired is an ill timed damage control. The government has national responsibility towards the citizens and a more credible version of the chronology of the events is in order. The evacuation of the army from the frontlines at the time of war should be made at a meeting of the cabinet.

The hastily constituted three man ad hoc civilian war committee is a manifestation of a government that has completely lost its bearing- apparent lack of unity and cohesiveness to face any crisis. Our nation is not short of talented and battle hardened military officers and at time of any external threat to our security, these professionals should be at the front lines. Civilians have no place in matters of war. Let those who know how do the job.

Granted that all lines of communication with Mr.. Adam Mohamed Waqaf have failed at a critical juncture, there was a bus load of government ministers in the area although the decision to dispatch so many ministers at the same time is questionable.

However, the delegation included some highly trusted ministers in the executive branch as well as other competent ones with no known political baggage from the past. This event has exposed some serious flaws in the administration of our nation's affairs and someone should be held accountable for this national treason.

If all contact with the minister of defense was lost, where did the chain of command of the Somaliland army fit in all this nonsense? The army chief of staff and the regional commander of the army base in Erigavo as well as others should be at the front and centre of this maelstrom. On saturday 14/04/2007, according to the Ministry of Information press release, the Somaliland army repulsed and routed the invaders from Majertenia but at the same night reinforcements from Hargeisa and Burao left for the Eastern front. We assume that the Minister of Defense has called for additional support at some point in time. This is where the regional commander at the forward base in Erigabo fits in the equation and he should not be left out because he has a lot of explanation to do.

Now, the burden of proof is upon the former minister of defense and he should come forward to give his side of this national debacle. Let us hope that Col. Adam Mire, as a professional soldier, will face the nation with courage and dignity and recount how and why our army lead us into this shameful betrayal.


Ahmed Ibrahim Sabeyse

Toronto, Canada

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