Thursday, May 17, 2007

Qalaafe fell to the ONLF milita

(Waridaad) - Forces loyal to the ONLF militia captured the town of Qalaafe from the Ethiopian forces. Further, the reports cite that the Ethiopian forces withdrew from the area, fearing for their lives.

The residents of the town welcomed, the freedom fighters for liberating the area from the occupiers, the news added.

This is the second time since the militia loyal to the ONLF, carried such bold attacks, the first been the oil exploration facility in the same area, where at least 70 people, including several Chinese oil workers, have been killed in clashes with rebels in Ethiopia's remote Somali region.

The Ethiopian troops are currently inside Somalia and can not maintain, peace and order in Ethiopia, if it maintains it’s current flawed policy towards Somalia and in the region at large.

These daring attacks, shocked the regime in Addis-Ababa, which is currently mired in Somalia. Furthermore, senior Ethiopian government representatives who refrained to name themselves, fearing for their lives, blamed the current regime of undermining the Ethiopian unity by engaging in a unlawful aggression in the neighboring country of Somalia, and warned Males Zenewa to pull the Ethiopian forces as soon as possible to avoid similar situation here in Ethiopia.

The current quagmire will further speed the dissolution of the Abyssinian tyranny, into five separate countries: 1. Oromo and Sidama 2. Ogaden 3. Afar land 4. Tigray Abyssinia, and 5. Amhara land. If we do not reverse this flawed policy, they added.

By Ahmed Quick
Waridaad media center
Ottawa - Canada

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