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Somaliland Community in Ottawa celebrates: The 47th Anniversary of June 26, 1960

(Waridaad) - Somaliland Community in Ottawa celebrates
The 47th Anniversary of June 26, 1960

June 26, 1960 is a day that has its place in history. It is not only a day documented in the Nations of the World archives, textbooks and encyclopaedias, but also a day engraved in the hearts and minds of the People of Somaliland. It is the day Somaliland gained its independence from Britain. It is the day when the first Somali nation triumphantly said “ We are free” and a flag of its own replaced the Union Jack.

Forty-seven years has passed since the day the renowned poet Abdullahi Suldan Timadde stated the unforgettable words “ Sarreeyow ma Nusqaaamow, Aan Siduu Yahay Eegee, Kaana Siib Kanna Saar”. These are words that those who were fortunate to be present that day and the generations that followed equally relish and rejoice.

The Ottawa Somaliland Community Services (OSCS), a non-profit community organization based in Ottawa, thought it through and decided not to let that historic day pass un noticed. OSCS organized a meticulous event commemorating the 47th anniversary of the independence of Somaliland.

It was a Somaliland night in Ottawa that attracted generations apart- young and old – and at the same time equally satisfied their desire and expectations. The youth enjoyed listening to and learning more about the history of Somaliland –from the pre-independence era to the present day Somaliland. Their enjoyment however, was obviously exposed by hearing the voices of Hassan Adan Samatar, and Deeqa’s music band. That was when they chanted and danced even after there was no more energy left on the elders.

OSCS invited some of the most respected personalities in the community to address the event. Here are their names and the topics presented:

1. Opening Mohamed Sh. Dalmar, Principle, Ottawa Islamic School

2.Somaliland – Historical facts Saeed Farah Abdi, seasoned and distinguished elder

3.Somaliland – Situational report Hussein M. Egeh, MP-S/land Parliament

4. Notes from an Ambassador Ahmed H. Egal, S/land Ambassador, China

5.Somaliland and the diaspora Dr. Mohamoud H. Tani, a Somaliland icon

6.Somaliland Community in Ottawa Abdullahi Ismail Madobe, OSCS Vice chair

7.Concluding Remarks Abshir Nur, OSCS Chairman

Splendidly coordinated by Osman Sh.Dalmar with his great sense of humour, the event started at 8 pm at the prestigious hall of Villa Marconi and vigorously continued until 3 a.m. in the morning. Its hard and an uphill for someone to explain the observance in words. The speeches delivered, the emotions raised, the songs, the hugs and the wide-open eyes of the children were all striking. The Somaliland flag waiving, the group singing of “An Maallo Hasheena Maandeeq” and the speech of Saeed Farah Abdi, who received a standing ovation, were memorable moments.

The event wouldn’t have had its success without the diligent strategic plan of the OSCS members including: Ismail Dualeh Elmi, Omar Abdi Egeh, Mohamed Meigag, Mohamed Hashi, and Hussein A. Hussein. However, without the prompt initiation of Abdullahi Ismail and the tireless efforts of Asia Mohamed Rashid and her group, it would have been arduous to come to terms with the complex tasks that preparing the event entailed.

OSCS extends its gratitude to all the individuals who contributed to the realization of the event in Ottawa. And for those who celebrated through out the World, OSCS urges to keep the spirit alive.

OSCS Committee

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