Friday, July 13, 2007

Somaliland study hailed a “major scholarly success

(Waridaad) - SOUTH AFRICA, 13 July 2007--UNISA's College of Human Sciences was, once again, under focus for its theoretical and applied research. The Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra, West Africa's premier institution for Conflict Prevention and Peace Studies, on the occasion of the African Union Summit, invited UNISA's Iqbal Jhazbhay to present his recent 400-page study on Somaliland: Post-War Nation Building and International Relations.

This recent multi-disciplinary study has attained a number of accolades. World-acclaimed African Studies scholar, Professor Ali Mazrui, described this study as a "major scholarly success". Other scholars such the well-known founder of the Somali Studies International Association, Professor Hussein Adam, praised Dr. Jhazbhay's study as, "highly original, relevant, valid and timely".

The Kofi Annan Centre 1-day seminar was hosted jointly with UNISA's Department of Religious Studies and Arabic on the topic "Somaliland and the African Union in the Horn of Africa". The seminar programme was attended by scholars, policymakers and student leaders.

It received good media coverage by Ghana TV (27 June), TV Africa (29 June), radio Joy FM (29 June), and the print media, including Ghana's most popular Daily Graphic (2 July, p. 5), the well-known paper Daily Guide (27 June, p.14) and Public Agenda (29 June).

Dr. Jhazbhay, during his visit to Accra, also used the opportunity to interview policymakers and to observe the African Union's Ministerial Executive Council meetings.

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