Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yemen Supplying Arms To Majeerteeniya.

(Waridaad) - Last week, the Majeerteeniya regime received armored vehicles and weapons from the Yemeni government in an attempt to recapture Laasaanood city. The regime sealed off the Bossasso Port on Thursday midnight and did not allow commercial activities at the port. The security in Bossasso city was very tight with a massive military presence on every dusty street.
Sources said the militia, which secured the cargo, are descendants of a sub-tribe of Cadde Mouse who lost trust in other tribes in Puntland after the recent public uprising by the people of Laasaanood.

Recently, State Minister of Municipality and Regions Development under the Majeerteeniya regime Ali Abdi Awaare led a delegation to Yemen to finalize the weapons deal. Sources confirmed the deal shows that the Majeerteeniya administration is incapable of facing the public uprising, which was supported by Somaliland National Army Forces, in Sool and Eastern Sanaag. However, one question lingers in our minds, will the Majeerteeniya militia liberate Laasaanood from its people as they had always claimed.

Earlier, the Yemeni government supplied weapons and ammunition to the ailing warlord in Baydhabo. During this period, the Yemeni government neglected international weapons embargo on Somalia. This continuous supply of weapons from Yemen led to genocide between tribes in Puntland against each other as weapons go to wrong hands of warlords of Puntland.

The Bossasso port is hub of smuggling weapons used against Federal Government of Ethiopia by ONLF and Al-Itihad Al-Islamiya. Its clear that the port operates lawlessly with no control, besides the regime in Garoowe does not inspect the cargo passing the port as long as it’s getting lion’s share in it.

Human trafficking is another shame business in Majeerteeniya, where innocent people trying to catch up better life in Arabian Gulf are dumped in the sea dead or a life. Its horrible and terrific stories pouring out of corrupt administration of Majeerteeniya against humanity.

By Abdirahman Ahmed Ali

Email: an.ahmed@somaliland.net

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