Sunday, March 30, 2008

The KULMIYE Party 2nd Convention: The Beginning of a New Dawn in Somaliland

(Waridaad) - An old English saying states, “There are many ways to skin a cat.”

And if I may add that the callous and unqualified Riyaale, his inept and highly corrupt administration, the unpatriotic UDUB party, and their domestic and foreign cohorts all of whom are known to be public enemies number one and indeed part of our avowed enemies and enemies of humanity and who all have one thing in common i.e. to fight our just cause and existence of Somaliland by any means necessary, have been all along skinning us bit by bit on many levels and in many painful ways with our eyes wide opened since they illegitimately came to power in 2002 to-date. But here we are still alive and kicking with dignity!

Although the general public were neither a defeated or a foolhardy people, all these humiliation and pain they endured through the years happened as, a result of, willfully swallowing their pride for the sake of safeguarding the public and national interest and the need to protect or defend the just cause and the existence of Somaliland. But the small-timer enemies and perpetrators of these gross inhumanity, high crimes and treason, and evil practices misunderstood their noble position and intentions. Apparently, to this day, they have no idea as to why their actions are guarded or measured or why they have been met with deafening inaction on some sensitive national issues or why they do not immediately rise as expected and rock the boat. Of course, they think that they are not conscious or are desperate or that they lack courage, strategy, tactics, and are disunited to pose a threat to them. And this is the reason why they unabatedly provoke and trample on the rights of the general public, the opposition parties and their leadership, and the civil society in general.

Given that erroneous mentality, narrow mindedness, shallow perspective, and hollow beliefs of these thugs on the citizenry of Somaliland has given them a free hand to perpetrate all kinds of evil in the land, continue to abuse power in a brazen manner, disregard the Constitution and the laws of the land, trample openly on liberties and human rights of the citizenry, plunder the resources of the country, and to unabatedly bully and blackmail the populace for a long time. And whenever they are confronted peacefully and criticized constructively and feel somewhat cornered or threatened particularly by the KULMIYE party—the largest and powerful opposition party in the country and its leadership, they made a habit to immediate respond by mudslinging and hurling at them a bunch of odious, fabricated, baseless, unfounded, and libelous allegations or slogans such as:

“KULMIYE party and its leadership are the rogue ‘Calancas,’” “KULMIYE party and its leadership are behind the killings of the foreign expatriates in Somaliland,” “KULMIYE Party and its leadership are headed for Mbagthi or Somalia or are pro-Somaliweyn,” “KULMIYE party and its leadership are disturbing and breaching the ‘Peace,’” “KULMIYE party and its leadership are against the recognition of Somaliland,” “KULMIYE party and its leadership are collaborating with the enemies of Somaliland,” The enemies of Somaliland are behind the actions of KULMIYE party,” “KULMIYE party and its leadership are ‘Qaran Dumis,’” “KULMIYE party and its leadership are the real enemies of Somaliland,” etc.!!

These sinister slogans, false allegation, uncivil behaviour, provocations, and libelous actions coupled with the prevailing difficult state of affairs of the public particularly the poor, women, children, and the frail elderly as well as the systematic strains put in their way in order to frustrate them from conducting a meaningful and legitimate course of actions in a manner to legally change the unfavourable situation for the betterment of all eventually contributed to holding the entire citizenry as a hostage thereby compelling them to live under difficult conditions, while being bombarded by constant harassment, personal and tribal threats, all forms of abuses, arbitrary arrests, injustice, gross violations of human rights, etc.

Worse still, these thugs suffocated the public by outlawing or banning the only means of masses to publicly express or exercise their rights or even to vent their anger by holding public protests or demonstrations contrary to the Constitution and the laws of the land—in essence this is a clear blackmail that caused the citizenry to lie low and endure the pain and humiliation that are endlessly and unnecessarily being inflicted on them until such a time that these dark and evil clouds hovering over them passes with time or when their five-year tenure in office expires i.e. they chose to be somewhat passive for the fear that failure to somewhat go along with them in a direct and tactful manner, these
unscrupulous thuggish, carefree, reckless, non nationalistic, unpatriotic, and self-interested “leadership” and their domestic and foreign cohorts will allow them the opportunity or the excuse to foment a widespread political, economic, and social chaos and turmoil, trigger civil war, and plunge the country into an absolute anarchy that is reminiscent to the dark period (1969-1991) of the toppled, fascistic, barbarous, and tyrannical military regime of the late Dictator Siyad Bare or the likes of the ongoing inhumanity, war crimes, horrendous genocidal wars in Somalia for the last 17 years to the present.

Whatever the case, Saturday, March 29th, 2008, was a special day of all Somalilanders who have in their heart genuine concern and love for their people and country. It was indeed a day when the long suffering, bartered, and suffocated public finally, found a reprieve or a breather room or some sort of a relief or empowerment and found a renewed sense of spirit, belonging, hope returning to normalcy, and the right path that this repressive administration had long derailed them from in the KULMIYE 2nd Convention that begun in Hargeisa City—in a well organized, pompous or highly dignified, nationalistic, brotherly and sisterly, warm, exuberant, and hopped up gathering that greatly won their hearts and minds in a big way.

The participants and their brethren with the country and in the Diasporas were generally in a good mood of jubilation because they somewhat knew in advance or drew some undiminished hope from the opening of the convention and the professional way in which the affairs of this important day was conducted that all that they represented and stood for and been striving for and efforts will not simply go down the drain as the enemy had expected and that this God sent and historic day and blessed gathering was indeed an accommodative and comfortable vehicle that will carry them all without leaving anyone behind and means that will ensure victory and the beginning of the end or demise of the abusive, indifferent, saboteur, subversive, treasonous, carefree, reckless, callous, envious, hatemonger, a live and let die attitude bunch, selfish, greedy, corrupt, and highly destructive Mafia group—and the evil status quo of the unqualified, inexperienced, inept, and highly corrupt Riyaale and his administration, the UDUB party, and their cohorts.

According to the Chinese culture, a week before the new year starts, which mainly starts during the spring season and referred to spring-cleaning, “…old items such as furniture, clothes and shoes are thrown out and replaced with new ones to signify the new year and a new beginning. As always, there’s a phrase to go with it—hui gau ying san—which means to throw out the old and take in the new” by Chai Mei Ling.

Likewise, Somalilanders too will in a few months time celebrate in a grandiose manner its newfound millennium anniversary when the nationalistic KULMIYE party ascends to power by soundly defeating the Riyaale administration, the UDUB ruling party and its cohorts and discard all of its old corrupt system and policies, old NSS Gestapo, Faqash, Hangash, Dhabar Jebinta Isaaq, Siyadists, and pro-Somaliweyn individuals. And the phrase that will go with it will be—Faqashoow ka bul dheh Jabhad baa yimide—meaning piglets take a hike the freedom fighter has arrived.

Despite the prevailing political, economic, and social predicament in Somaliland coupled with the alarming natural disasters such as the prolonged droughts that exists throughout the country thereby affecting and endangering the lives of millions of the poor and helpless rural citizenry particularly the already bartered pastoral and farmer communities, Somalilanders from within and from without the country are marking this day and awakening to a blessed and promising new dawn—a dawn of jubilation, rejuvenation, high aspirations and spirits, progress, and hopes of a brighter future.

Indeed, the KULMIYE party 2nd Convention is their source of good prospects, renewed sense of pride, reinvigorated aspirations, and the means to catapult them to the promised land of peace, democracy, development, and prosperity. Therefore, it is obligatory or incumbent upon the great KULMIYE party and its highly educated, qualified, experienced, seasoned politicians, and nationalistic leadership to uphold their public promises and as soon as they ascend to power to quickly implement them and put in place the required change the people had been thirsting for or yearning for all these dark years of Riyaale administration, to embark on genuinely transforming the lives of the society for the better, carry meaningful nation building, and not to ever breach the trust of the citizenry or fail or betray them in any manner.

On the other hand, Somalilanders from all walks of life are greatly elated, thrilled, and appreciative of the contents of the heartfelt, sincere, important, promising, and historic opening speech of the convention by Hon. Haji Ahmed Silanyo, Chairman of KULMIYE party—it was well articulated and elaborate speech that touched all the required key points and laid down the grounds for party program that denotes a clear political road map of effective governance geared towards the achievement of a deep rooted peace, unity, harmonious coexistence of the society, security and stability of the country, sustainable development on all aspects of life, public and national prosperity, formulation of effective domestic and foreign policies, the need for a better bilateral relations with the neighbouring countries, strengthening the efforts to achieve political recognition and be part of the family of nations and to play a meaningful role in the Horn of Africa region and the world in general affairs, the need to combat all forms of terrorism, etc.

Hon. Haji Ahmed Silanyo, further illuminated the manner in which this administration had deviated from the right national cause and path and embarked on a wild, backward, dark, dictatorial, fruitless, and destructive path that had resulted to the retardation of the most of the progress we made for the last 17 years since we reclaimed the independence and sovereignty of Somaliland in 1991.

Overall, this maverick, pragmatic, and seasoned politician clearly left no stone unturned in his speech and pinpointed in a diplomatic manner how this inept and corrupt administration had callously hindered all forms of progress in the country since it came to power, the way it has always been and is currently dragging its feet, and wasting precious election and voter registration time in regards to the upcoming local and presidential elections in July and September respectively, and further emphasized the need for a meaningful change or regime change.

Furthermore, he in one way or the other mentioned the need to quickly put in place an effective administration that will change the cause of the country and enable the required reform or overhaul of the government in general, the need to put back on track the democratic systems and norms and ethics, governance and the rule of law, restore free enterprise and market economy, end unhelpful and discriminatory monopolistic practices, protect human rights, freedom of speech, safeguard the freedom of the press, adhere to the Constitution and the laws of the land, operate by the notion of Checks and Balance, reform and protect the independence of the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary branches of government and other key institutions, introduce independent governing boards for the key parastatal agencies such as the Port Authority, Central Bank, National Broadcasting Stations, etc., instill a culture of transparency and accountability in our system and people, stem out the endemic corruption, end misappropriation of public funds and embezzlement of the treasury, close all tax evasion loop holes, reduce some high taxes particularly on the stable foods and other essentials, and put in place a healthy political dispensation and stewardship that is compatible to the 21 century and beyond as well as to restore our traditional values, sense of belonging, consensus mechanism, and cooperation on all levels of public and private sectors.

So what now?

I say, let us look forward to the future in an open mind. And in the meantime, let us continue to celebrate this new dawn—a dawn of public awakening, a dawn of breaking history, a dawn of renewed spirit and aspirations, a dawn of peace and harmony, a dawn of revival of democracy, a dawn of justice, a dawn of good governance and rule of law, a dawn of transparency and accountability, a dawn of human rights, a dawn of freedom of speech, a dawn of freedom of association, a dawn of freedom of the press, a dawn of free enterprise and market economy, a dawn of upward mobility of the citizenry, a dawn of sustainable development and prosperity, and a dawn of world class domestic and foreign affairs.

What is for sure, we are a highly conscious, civilized, superior, noble, proud, cultured, peaceful, considerate, patient, hardened, intrepid, and God fearing people. Therefore, we will always withstand all kinds of calamities, have the upper hand in all of our affairs, and prevail over our avowed enemies and the enemies of humanity as always. And one way or the other, we will easily defeat this thuggish administration, UDUB party, and their domestic and foreign cohorts once and for all and restore sanity, civilization, humanity, unity, eradicate all forms of misrule, injustice, venomous tribalism, oppression, poverty, and terrorism of all stripes in Somaliland—our mother land. God willing.

So don’t worry and be happy!

Farah Ali Jama,
Ottawa, Canada.

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