Saturday, May 10, 2008

The paid provocateur Megalommatis Muhammad Shamsaddin ?

(Waridaad) - The bogus writer who titled him self as “Dr.” “Professor” etc. is of course a virtual professor who declined to prove his credentials by his day-to-day behaviour and deeds. As a saying goes “the ignorant doesn’t afraid to defame respected people”, Megalommatis is known by disrespecting, and defaming of other scholars who do not share his idea. By: Buzu Mengistu
I wonder, are you sane and healthy at all? I think you need some medical prescriptions; I will not expose you here because of medical ethics. I am not historian, or philosopher by profession rather I am an ordinary physician who cares about people’s health. That is why I asked you about your health because when I read all articles I didn’t find any scientific analysis except expression of your self with highly charged past grievance on ..................
After my thorough reference of your articles I didn’t accept you like a famous scholar rather an ill-minded direct spokes person for ...........
I have no recollection of coming across such a mendacious and sinister, unethical, pompous, vulgar and selfish person, who claimed to be historian or philosopher, like you before:.....Full article

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