Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Trash-talking Doctor: Muhammad Megalommatis

(Waridaad)-Definitely, trash-talking and name-callings won’t get your point across. And in fact—if anything—trash-talking describes much of the trash-talker’s character. Neither belittling nor despising your opponents conveys your messages much less convince your readers. Additionally, if one wantst o write a self-defeating article: trash-talking is an option. And this is what exactly Dr. Muhammad Megalommatis has been doing repeatedly with respect to his barely "articles" about Somaliland.

Take for example, in his recent paper entitled,“Somaliland - the Clowns of the Lost Recognition, and their End”; just reading the title alone—you really want to puke. The readers instantly reach the conclusion that the writer is either losing his marbles or a professional conduct doesn’t mean heck to him. As a result, much of his arguments may be viewed as worthless rants—a waste of readers’ time. See his article: .............Full article

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