Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Kulmiye Wonderful Drama

(Waridaad)-I am a member of the UDUB party and therefore I would naturally like the Kulmiye party defeated in the upcoming presidential elections, however I do not want them to disintegrate. I would like them to close ranks and play. True, they are rough players who usually do not respect the rules of the game, but I was not expecting that they will start the unnecessary roughness in a sparring practise within their own team members – and in front of everybody. What was supposed to be a friendly game turned out to be deadly? That is funny, but that is the Kulmiye world. An argument on who would be at the starting line went out of hand. The captain decided to start with a rookie group, all the star players rebelled. As Kulmiye is usually serious about all disagreements, everybody went nuclear and the result is that the party is in flames all the around the globe. As fanatic as they usually are, they seem to be oblivious to the fact that flames always end upin ashes. They all are caught up in the excitement of the battle that when you see them arguing here and there, you would think they are all having a wonderful time. That is why I usually say; it is not wise to let loose on the nation these wild and overzealous friends of mine. They have got too much adrenalin in their veins. They can dangerously turn the nation upside down.
As far our more responsible members of the UDUB party are concerned, we are all very sad of what is going on within the Kulmiye ranks. We feel that the crazy guys are robbing us of a victory that would have been well earned. We were waiting for more than five years to teach them a lesson on how to run with the ball and make a beautiful touchdown. We wanted to surprise them with strategy after strategy. We wanted to show them our wide receivers, our linebackers, and our kickers dancing in the field. We wanted that they all take their hats off in awe of our wonderful quarterback, Mr Rayalle.

It is unfortunate that all that is not happening because the adversary team is already kicking balls on their goal. Kulmiye seems to be doing the entire job for us. We the UDUB do not like that sort of a victory. It is too easy to enjoy. I was itching for the campaign, now I find myself in an odd situation of thinking daily about how I might help rescue Kulmiye people from their folly, so that I can have them play with me later. As usual they created another situation that is not good for Somaliland. We need strong political parties. We need parties that have rules and respectability. I would advise Kulmiye party to convene an extraordinary central committee meeting immediately. To make it close doors (Naturally in a place where the chairs are fixed to the ground), and then sort out their problems in a civilized way like the other two political parties.

To my understanding it is the captain of the team who is to blame on all that happened in his party. 1- He radicalized his party members to the extent that they are all unreasonable.2- He tells every member of the party that he is his most trusted assistant who will stand next in line to him, and makes everybody hate everybody else in the party. They all end up being like crabs in a basket.3- He is a very poor manager of disputes.4- There is nothing wrong in mixing clan politics and party politics, but he does it in a way that is not very wise... It then explodes in his face.

Now, I believe that if Kulmiye did not change him as the leader, as I advised so many times before, definitely having in mind the health of the Kulmiye party only. I believe that it is wrong to contradict him now at this late hour. I would advice the rebel group within Kulmiye party, and among them are some of my best friends in life, to tow the party line, and to follow their leader to the imminent defeat in March next year, in the hands of our mighty UDUB party. Only after the election, when you lick your wounds, you will have reasonable grounds of dissention and try to build and rejuvenate the party your way. If you try to kill your party now, you will also lose big time. Kulmiye party is very amusing.

Mohamud Tani

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