Saturday, May 23, 2009

Presidential Spokesman Abuses Somaliland TV Reporter

(Waridaad)-A JOURNALIST working for Somaliland Space Channel [SLSC ] and Horyaal radio was physically abused, humiliated and forced to leave after she was attacked by Somaliland’s Presidential spokesman, Mr Saed Adani Mooge.

Muna Asayr Jama, who works as a reporter for both media groups was out to compile a report on Somaliland’s Independence Day on Monday [18th of May] when she was assaulted. While standing out side the presidential villa, where all the other journalists were — she came under attack. “Mr Saed walked towards me, then grabbed the collar of my shirt, pushed me back with all his force and yelled “get out”, it was unprovoked,” Muna told reporters.

Muna said she was forced to leave the event and that Mr Saed continued to verbally abuse her while she walked away from the compound.

“I felt embarrassed and humiliated because Mr Saed laid his hands on me, I felt violated as a girl when strangers lay their hands on me, he did not say a word to anyone else, I did not do any thing wrong, I informed him that I had the right to take photos and everyone else were doing it, but he did not listen, he continued to verbally abuse me,” Muna said.

Mr Mustafa Abdi Isse, the chairman of Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) condemned Mr Saed’s action and requested president Rayale to launch an investigation.

Since Mr Saed came to power, after the death of Abdi Aydiris Daule - there have been more reporters arrested, abused, beaten up, taunted than ever before in Somaliland. Just last week three different cases were reported [two of them arrests without charges].

Mr Mustafa said Mr Saed was “man of bad policies’ and that he was instigating a head-on conflict between the government and Somaliland’s independent press and reporters — he can no longer be tolerated, he added.

Mr Saed’s record:

  1. 13th of March, Nur Ahmed Gagab also from Somaliland Space Channel was beaten up by Presidential guards — he was attacked, kicked and beaten with gun butts, and knocked to the ground and left unconsciously. He was treated in a hospital.

  2. On 28th of March, Mr Ahmed Saleyban Dhuhul from Horyal radio station - was beaten up and arrested out side the parliament.
  3. 15th of May, Mr Hadis Mohamed Hadis was arrested in Crown Hotel in Hargeisa. Mr Hadis hails from Mogadishu and has been living in Somaliland for several years, he remains in custody. No charges against him. No comments from the authority.

  4. 18th of May, Mustafa Mohamed Abdi, a journalist with HadhwanaagNews, also based in Somaliland’s capital Hargeisa was taken into custody without charges — released after 8 hours.

  5. 18th of May, Muna Asa’yr Jama was abused by Presidential spokes man.

Many more incidents go unreported as many reporters are too afraid.

Source: Somalilandpress

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