Sunday, December 11, 2005

We Neither Want Xamar; Nor Intend Her Harm" A Song Translated By Rhoda A. Rageh

This is a meaningful song which I countered such a few days ago. I loved it for its no nonsense message. If anything articulates how I feel about that fateful union with Xamar, this song embodies how I feel. Here is the Somali lyrics and its equivalent translation. I hope I have done justice to capture its essence in translation.

Somaliland oo xoroowday Dalkoo xeer iyo distoor leh
Dadkana xamdi eebe joogo Xamar la iga daari maayo

Xassusti nagama guurin Xanuunkii maan ilaawin
Ninkii xiisaynayow Xasuuq dambe yeelimayno
Annagu Xamar dooni mayno
Xumaanna u geysanmeyno
Xeerkii laba dawladood iyo
baa naga dhexeeya

Dalkayga xafiis ku yaalla Xaqayga anoon ka waayin
Xilkiisa intaan wareejo Xinkayga ku doorsan mayo

Anagoo xirfadayda haysta School yahay xaafadayda
Taclin xeel dheerideedana Xalena u doonan mayo

Anagu Xamar dooni mayno
Xumaanna u geysameyno
Xeerkii la dawladood iyo
Xuduud baa naga dhexeeya
Xuduud baa naga dhexeeya

English Translation

Somaliland now independent.
The land with a Constitution.
The people basking in Allah’s Mercy.
I wouldn’t be turned on by Xamar.

We have not lost our memory.
Nor have we forgotten the pain.
He who suffers from nostalgia We won’t allow another genocide.

We neither want Xamar; nor intend her harm.
The laws of two republics and a boundary is between us.

Offices in our country that Has not neglected our rightful needs.
To transfer their good powers Nay, we won’t swap for vindictive means

With our inborn active skills Schools in our neighbourhoodsTo obtain additional knowledge Nay, we won’t seek it in Xalane. 2/

We don’t want Xamar; nor intend her harm.
The laws of two republics, and a boundary is between us.

1/ Xamar is another word for Mogadishu2/ xalane: is a military training camp compulsory for all civil servants.

Translated by Rhoda A. Rageh

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