Thursday, March 09, 2006

Honorable Ikran was invited to the White House on International Women's Day



Honorable Ikran Hagi Daud Warsme, a member of Somaliland’s House of Representatives was invited to the White House today along with 51 other women who were leaders in their own country; the United States President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush have welcomed these female leaders to the White House to celebrate women’s month and international women’s day. Please visit the White House web site to read the report from White House press or visit this web site URL;

After meeting with the President of the United States and the First Lady; Rep Ikran attended the afternoon sessions of the meeting at Washington Marriott Hotel; the meeting was focused on women’s issues and the members were grouped by regions. Hon. Ikran was in the same group with the leaders from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. There are more than 45 recognized nations in Africa who were not invited to this meeting

Hon. Ikran has networked with the attendee and has discussed Somaliland with them. Hon. Ikran attended dinner reception tonight where the Keynote Speaker was: The Right Honorable Kim Campbell.

Mohamed Hassan Nur
Director, Media Relations
Somaliland Policy & Reconciliation Institute (SOPRI)

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